Fans Of ‘Sister Wives’ Uncover Perfect Description Of Kody Brown

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

It’s not a secret that most Sister Wives fans aren’t fond of Kody Brown. For 17 seasons, they’ve watched the family patriarch treat his wives and children poorly. But his behavior has been particularly difficult to watch this season. And many fans believe it’s because Christine has finally had enough and is leaving.

Many Sister Wives viewers have some pretty choice words for the family patriarch right now. But one Redditor may have found the perfect description. Keep reading to see what they dug up.

Redditors strongly believe Kody Brown is losing control

Since Sister Wives Season 17 began, viewers have expressed their opinions on Reddit to discuss the latest episodes. This season, Kody Brown’s life is falling apart as Christine prepares to leave the family once and for all. It’s clear that the split is having a pretty negative impact on Kody’s mental health. He’s really starting to lash out at his other wives and treating his children even worse than he did before.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

This week, one Redditor shared an inspirational post they found online and decided it really applied to the family patriarch.

“No one can throw a bigger tantrum than a narcissist who’s losing control of someone else’s mind,” the post reads.

Outrageous-Yogurt-80 from Reddit

Most users strongly agreed with the post.

“Truer words were never spoken,” another user replied to the post. “Of course, Kody will never recognize that a saying like that applies to him, but at least people will be alert around him and hopefully avoid his cruelty and manipulation.”

“This is all it’s about, control. And the fact that SHE peaced out and left his sorry a$$. The ginormous ego really took a hit,” another Redditor added.

Do you think the post applies to Kody Brown? Share your thoughts in the link below.

Fans believe the family patriarch is disrespectful to his entire family

TLC sometimes releases new clips to get fans interested in new episodes. And in one recent clip, Kody had some pretty disrespectful things to say about Christine. He told the cameras that he was never really in love with her and just showed up for her and the kids out of obligation. It was an ugly thing to say about his former wife, but many fans also thought it was a slap in the face to his kids too.

Rumor has it that Janelle Brown is following in Christine’s footsteps and walking away for good. And at this point, fans wouldn’t really be surprised to see that happen.

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  1. Kody is blaming Everything on the wives, never acknowledging that he has done anything wrong. Plus I really hate the way he’s throwing Christine under the bus because she was the first wife with the guts to leave

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