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Kody Brown Walks All Over His Children With Latest Declaration

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For years, Sister Wives fans have watched patriarch Kody Brown treat his children badly. In the early days, he always said that love should be multiplied instead of divided. But now, Kody doesn’t really advocate for polygamy any longer. In fact, many Sister Wives fans believe that he just wasn’t capable of multiplying his love as he once claimed.

Season 17 is well underway now and TLC is releasing short clips here and there to entice fans to watch the latest episodes. A recent clip has plenty of fans up in arms.

Kody Brown slaps his children in the face with his latest comments

TLC recently uploaded a new clip from Season 17. In the footage, Kody adamantly claims that he was never in love with Christine. He was just trying to live as a good husband and father. Once again, Kody makes an uncomfortable situation even worse with his word choice.

It’s obvious that he hasn’t been interested in Christine for many years. But Kody’s latest comments are just disrespectful to the entire family.

Check out the clip here:

Sister Wives fans thought Kody’s comments were absolutely cruel and disturbing. It was clear he was disrespecting Christine, but it went further than that. They also thought he was giving a pretty big slap in the face to his kids too.

Okay this is terrible for him to even say out loud. How do you thinks your kids are going to feel hearing that you never loved their mother. Christine definitely did the right thing leaving. I hope Christine finds all the love and happiness she deserves!” one fan wrote in the comments section.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

That’s disgusting. And to say it publicly! Wow. Heartbreaking. I wonder if you gave a thought to how this will affect your children,” another added.

Some of Christine’s kids like Paedon and Gwendlyn have come forward and admitted that Kody Brown is a terrible father. The way he speaks about his family seems to confirm those allegations.

What do you think about Kody’s words? Don’t forget to leave your own ideas in the comments below.

Another wife might be on her way out too

This season, Kody has been so volatile that fans believe Janelle is on her way out the door too. Neither the family nor TLC have confirmed this, but Gwendlyn seemed to let it slip out during a recent live stream.

Fans believe that if Sister Wives comes back for Season 18, the season will focus on Janelle’s departure. It’s clear that she isn’t happily married to Kody. And he’s really only interested in fostering his relationship with Robyn, anyway.

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  1. My comment is about Kody. Everyone’s saying that he only cares about Robyn. The only reason for that is because she can still bear children. As long as she keeps spitting out more kids for Kody to abuse, she’ll be fine.When that ends, she’ll end up just like the other wives,and he’ll be looking for another. What a pathetic little man!

  2. Robyn is only here because she supposedly loves kody but also because she wanted the polygomus life. if Janelle leaves, it’s just a marriage, she won’t or shouldn’t stick around for that since it’s not what she wants. shes there tk literally be treated like a ragdoll & have more kids for this man to ignore. the only child support he has to legally pay would be to Robyn.
    Janelle seemed to be in it because of her children, she’s very head strong and work oriented and doesnt take any sh*t from kody
    . meri doesn’t want to leave because “that’s not what you do in this lifestyle” and Christine, well, she finally is able to live her life the way she wants. kodys made it clear he never wanted to be with her nad she stuck around hoping he would see what a good wife. what a good mother she is.God bless her and her children & may they all find love and happiness away from this twisted man

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