Kody Brown Was Never Capable Of Multiplying His Love?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

In the old Sister Wives opening, Kody Brown said that love should be multiplied, not divided. But as time went on, fans couldn’t help but notice that didn’t really ring true.

After 17 seasons, viewers have continuously watched the family patriarch divide his love unequally between his wives and his children. Some receive a lot of love while others barely manage to get Kody’s attention at all. This year, fans are really paying attention to the unfair situation Kody created within his family structure. So what are they saying?

Kody Brown never seemed interested in multiplying his love

Sister Wives are pretty active on Reddit and they never have a shortage of opinions or comments about recent episodes. In a new thread, fans dissect Kody’s claims about multiplying love. The original poster linked to a clip TLC recently uploaded on its Instagram page.

In the clip, Kody claims he never really loved Christine. He was just simply her husband and wanted to be a good father to their children together.

“He needs to just f’ing admit that he’s not capable of ‘multiplying’ love he actually ‘divides’ it,” one Redditor said.

“He keeps talking and that hole he’s digging is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I love it,” another user said. “The more he talks the more validity he gives Christine and her decision. And makes Meri and Janelle look even more ridiculous for staying.”

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

The vast majority of comments seemed to echo these sentiments. Most Redditors agreed that Kody Brown just continues to paint himself in a bad light. No one blames Christine for leaving the family. Quite frankly, they’re just surprised more of the wives haven’t followed in her footsteps.

What do you think about the situation? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Did Janelle actually leave the family too?

Right now, many Sister Wives fans are eagerly waiting for an official announcement about Janelle. Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn seemingly confirmed that Janelle left the family. However, neither TLC nor the Browns have issued any official statements yet. If this is the case, then Sister Wives Season 18 could very well focus on her departure. The current season is about 18 months behind real life.

After seeing how poorly Kody treats Janelle, most viewers would not at all be surprised to learn that she left too. Most fans earnestly just want the wives to live happy, fulfilling lives. Even if that means leaving Kody Brown behind.

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