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6 Reasons ‘SW’ Fans Are Justified In Hating Robyn Brown

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Sister Wives fans have not held back when it comes to voicing their opinions on Robyn Brown. Since entering the plural family, Robyn has managed to cause a lot of trouble. Not to mention, many people find her personality hard to deal with. Recently, fans of the TLC show took to Reddit to discuss why Robyn gets so much hate and, well, let’s just say there are plenty. Here are 10 reasons they feel justified in hating her.

Sister Wives Fans List Off Reasons They Hate Robyn

One fan of the show took to Reddit to get some hard facts on why people seem to be so against Robyn Brown. The OP said that they’d recently caught up on the show, now in its 17th season, and they wanted concrete examples of times when Robyn has been a bad person.

They went on to say that in the last two or three seasons, Robyn hasn’t seemed that bad, even sweet at times. A few fans took to the comments to accuse the poster of being Robyn because most people don’t share the sentiment that she is sweet. In fact, Gwendlyn Brown, daughter of Christine Brown, recently confirmed that she’s only nice for the camera.

1. Robyn Brown Is Selfish

Many people took to the comments on the Reddit post to discuss specific examples of when Robyn has been selfish throughout the series. Namely, there have been several times she manipulated the other wives or Kody to get what she wanted.

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“Robyn said she wanted sister wives but she never shared child care. Never asked for help from the sister wives. She got a nanny multiple times,” one viewer wrote. At the same time, Robyn would not have  Gwendlyn stay in her home while Christine Brown attended her son Hunter’s wrestling match. She doesn’t care about contributing to the family.

2. Unfair Behavior Started Before She Was A Wife

As people were commenting on their different examples of why Robyn should be hated, one person pointed out the unfair treatment she received before becoming a wife. When she and Kody Brown were still courting, she requested that he come to visit her every fourth night, despite the fact that she lived five hours away at the time. None of the other wives were happy with this situation. However, Kody bent over backward to make sure it happened.

Not to mention, after getting married, Robyn requested an 11-day honeymoon. None of the other wives had any type of honeymoon. Additionally, Christine was at home with a newborn and struggling with postpartum depression.

3. She Seems To Pull The Strings

It is clear that Robyn Brown pulls the strings in the plural family to get whatever she wants from Kody. Then, if things turn around for her, she enjoys playing the victim. For instance, Kody has agreed with the other wives in certain instances when it comes to being unfair. However, he returns right back to Robyn and backtracks on everything he said. Fans believe this is because she pulls all the strings.

Robyn Brown looking upset during discussion with other wives on 'Sister Wives' - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

4. COVID Rules That Favor Robyn’s Kids

One person specifically talked about the COVID-19 rules that she and Kody put in place. None of the other wives were allowed to visit, nor were their children. Despite that strict rule, Robyn was permitted to have a nanny in the home. When the other wives and their children were finally able to visit, there were rules about how close they could be, and no one was allowed in the house.

5. Robyn Bad Mouths The Other Wives

Another Redditor hopped into the conversation and pointed out that Robyn Brown has also bad-mouthed the other wives in the past. She tries her best to tear down the relationship and the other marriages. Additionally, she has a rating scale in which she judges each wife. When confronted with how she acts, she simply says that the other women are jealous of her relationship with Kody.

Meri looking somber after giving Robyn the news that her divorce from Kody is final - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

6. She Guilted Meri Out Of Going To College

Last, but not least, a few Redditors pointed out the fact that Robyn Brown talked Meri out of going back to school. When the topic of going to college came up, she was quick to tear Meri down. At the time, Meri Brown was struggling. She was depressed and wanted a change in her life. Instead, Robyn talked her out of going so that she could help with “My Sister Wives Closet,” which never really took off. Fans are still mad at her for making Meri miss that chance.

These are just a few of the justified reasons Sister Wives fans have given for hating Robyn Brown. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Okay let me just say this I no longer considered this a plural marriage when the husband doesn’t have anything to do with his other wives other than putting them down. I never trusted or liked Robyn from the start and Meri let’s just say she agrees with everything Robyn says because she can’t admit that her marriage is over even after Kody said he would be okay with her finding someone else.

  2. I don’t like Robyn I don’t like Kody. Robyn has to know that the other wives were basically ditched when she entered the family. She may not be responsible for it, I don’t know, but she is culpable. She doesn’t have a prize in Kody, he can dump her too in the future. He is very narcissistic and shallow. I useful to think they were all happy and I don’t agree with plural marriage but I thought different strokes for different folks. Now I see a different picture. Real harm has been done to these women and children. He blames everyone but himself for his mishandling of his family. He has ignored everyone’s needs but his own. He’s brought children into this world and just ignored them. He didn’t finish raising them. He’s ignored his wives needs. I don’t blame Christene for leaving I applaud her and I hope the rest do. .

  3. The sister wives needs to be canceled also Angela need to be kicked we refuse to watch the show that at one time we loved

    1. Robyn has been conniving and manipulative from the beginning. She knew what she wanted and got it. Anyone could see it! She is so full of hate but she doesn’t realize it. Meri needs to get a life. Janelle deserves love and should leave Kody. Kody has mental health problems and frankly seems to have a low IQ.

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