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‘SW’: Leon Brown Shares Sweet Pic Of Their Baby Boy

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Sister Wives star Leon Brown shares a happy and comfortable life with their partner, Audrey Kriss. The two have been together for quite a few years now and are happily engaged.

Although Leon and Audrey don’t have any children of their own yet, they do share several pets together who they consider their “babies.” Leon recently shared a sweet photo of one of their special babies. Keep reading to see the adorable pic!

Leon Brown shares photos of their sweet baby with fans

Audrey and Leon both really enjoy their privacy these days. It seems as if the couple has stepped away from Sister Wives and are focused on their own lives instead. Meri Brown still mentions them from time to time in Season 17, but fans shouldn’t expect any appearances.

Many fans can’t help but notice that Leon Brown seems a lot happier these days. They came out as transgender over the summer and announced to the world that they changed their name to Leon and would use they/them pronouns from then on. This was definitely a major change from how Sister Wives had known Leon for years, but followers seem to adjust well.

Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown/TLC


In previous Sister Wives appearances, Audrey and Leon said they might be interested in having children at some point. But according to their social media activity, it seems like they’re just focused on being pet parents at the moment. Their pup Mosby has made several appearances on the show and has a special bond with Meri.

“My sweet angel boy,” Leon captured a photo of one of their dogs. They didn’t share the dog’s name in the post, but based on Leon’s previous posts it appears to be Koda. Koda has his very own Instagram page too.

Leon Brown dog from Instagram
Leon Brown/Instagram

Fans love seeing photos of Audrey and Leon’s loving relationship, but they’re always happy to see adorable pet photos too. Hopefully, the couple will share more in the upcoming weeks.

Sister Wives Season 17 continues with more family drama

Sister Wives fans really enjoy hearing positive updates from the family now and then. Right now, Season 17 is all chaos. In the upcoming episode, viewers are going to see Christine Brown finally tell her sister wives that she’s leaving the family. Based on the previews, it doesn’t look like it will end well.

Right now, Season 17 is taking place around the spring of 2021. Plenty of time has passed between Season 17 and the present day and it seems like Christine has made up with Janelle Brown. But the same probably can’t be said for Kody, Meri, and Robyn. Time will only tell where these relationships go from here.

There will be a brand new episode of Sister Wives out tonight. Tune into TLC started at 10 PM eastern time to see what’s going on in the Brown household next.

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  1. Wait this is Meri’s and Kody’s only child, right? How is this religious cult accepting this? It was a stretch to accept their daughter being gay, but now that he is transgender how can they be true to their very close minded religion and still accept him? Or are they only using the Mormon religion as an excuse to have multiple relationships with women?

  2. Her, she’s a FEMALE!
    Sex is immutable.
    Humans cannot change sex, by surgically rearranging their bodies, dressing up or down or changing the way they demand others refer to them as.
    They know it, we know it and it is ridiculous that people get sucked into going along with their delusions beccause they demand it.
    If she want’s to be referred to as leon, then so be it, but she is NOT A MAN and never can be.
    Appropriating someones sex is just as impossible and disingenuous as appropriating their race.
    Neither is possible.

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