‘SW’: Leon Brown Declares Audrey Their ‘Sweetest Symphony’

Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown from Instagram

Sister Wives fans watched Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss fall in love onscreen. Over the years, their relationship blossomed and grew into true love. Now, the pair are happily engaged.

They may no longer play active roles on the show, but viewers are still interested to know about their lives. Leon recently shared a very sweet post uplifting Audrey. Keep reading to see what they had to say.

Leon Brown showers their partner Audrey with love and adoration

Both Leon and Audrey identify as trans and use the pronouns they/them. Although Leon Brown comes from a pretty strict, conservative background, the family seemed to welcome their relationship with Audrey. The family just wanted Leon to have someone to share their life with.

Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown from Instagram
Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown/Instagram

Leon and Audrey have spent several years together and it seems like their relationship is still going strong.

“my sweetest symphony. life with you truly is so sweet,” Leon captioned their Instagram post. They included an adorable video of themself and Audrey loving on one another.

I love u 🥹♥️” Audrey wrote back. Leon’s followers showered the couple with adoration. Many felt glad to see how happy the pair are.

“Y’all are ADORABLE!!! I love seeing your love for each other. ❤️❤️” one fan added in the comments section.

“Thank you for the precious, much-needed message on your sweatshirt. Protect Trans Kids, indeed 🙌🏼🔥🏳️‍⚧️🙏🏼” another wrote, referring to Leon’s shirt.

When Audrey and Leon do finally marry, their wedding probably won’t be featured on the show. However, fans sincerely hope that the pair shares many photos of the happy day. They’re just too cute for words!

Will Meri Brown choose happiness too?

Leon and Audrey may be off living their own lives, but the same can’t be said for Leon’s mother. Meri Brown is still very much married to Kody Brown. And audience members absolutely cannot see the appeal.

Meri is very dedicated to her faith and that’s likely why she stays. However, fans can’t help but feel that the Sister Wives star would be much happier if she were to put her own happiness first. For years, Kody has treated her poorly and given her plenty of reasons to leave. But Meri isn’t budging.

Some Sister Wives fans speculate that Meri Brown may actually be jealous of Christine. Christine is bold, brave, and decided that she wasn’t going to settle for Kody’s mistreatment any longer. Some fans believe Meri would love to follow her but hasn’t built up the courage yet.

There will be a brand new episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Make sure to catch it on TLC and see where the Browns will go from here. Season 17 is really turning out to be a memorable season.

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