‘SW:’ Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown Share Tender Moment

Audrey Kriss Leon Brown from TLC

Could Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown be any more precious? The pair began dating several years ago and fell in love, as revealed on Sister Wives. They got engaged and started hunting for wedding venues in early 2020, but COVID-19 disrupted their wedding plans. Today, Audrey and Leon are still happy and engaged but haven’t tied the knot quite yet.

Audrey and Leon tend to live quieter lives these days but recently shared sweet Instagram posts sharing their love for one another. Keep reading to see what the couple had to say.

Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown share lots of laughs and love with followers

Fans love keeping up with Audrey and Leon, but their posts have been inconsistent over the years. But now that both of them are publically out as trans and proud, they seem a lot more comfortable posting. And fans just can’t get enough of the adorableness online. Anyone can clearly see how much they love each other.

Sister Wives Credit: Audrey Kriss IG
Audrey Kriss/Instagram

“Let’s laugh together forever, yeah? 🤍 k cool gr8,” Audrey shared on their Instagram page. In the image, both of them are wearing similar outfits: shorts, a plain colored shirt with an open button-down over that.

“For the record, Leo copied MY outfit 😉😂” Audrey added to the post, acknowledging that they matched. In the photo, both Leon and Audrey look happy and are laughing together.

Leon clapped back and said that they got dressed before Audrey, but also added a sweet, “but yeah, let’s laugh together forever, down for that.”

You two are so cute together!!” wrote one follower. Other fans echoed similar sentiments. The joy that Audrey and Leon share together is obvious. Fans hope that they can continue with their wedding plans sooner rather than later. 

What does the future hold for the Brown family?

Sister Wives Season 17 will arrive on TLC on September 11, 2022. However, fans may not see much of Audrey and Leon. Since both of them came out as trans, they’ve both been protecting their own wellness and stability. Most of the Brown family didn’t seem to have issues with Audrey and Leon’s relationship while they both identified as women, but some family members might not be handling the trans situation as well.

Audrey Kriss & Leon Brown from Instagram
Audrey Kriss/Instagram

In fact, many Sister Wives fans have urged Audrey and Leon to stay away from TLC to avoid exploitation. As much as fans love the couple, they really just want them both to stay safe. Only time will tell what happens next.

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