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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Beg Leon & Audrey To Stay Away From TLC

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Leon Brown proudly announced that they are transgender and genderqueer this week. From here on out, they announced that they will only answer to “Leon,” or even “Leo” as a nickname. Just not the name they were assigned at birth.

Leon’s partner Audrey Kriss is also trans, so the pair have quite a bit in common. Sister Wives fans online have been largely supportive of the couple. However, they are worried that TLC will try to exploit them.

Keep reading to see what fans online had to say.

Sister Wives fans support Leon, but are worried about what TLC will do

Not every Sister Wives fan understands what it means to be trans or genderqueer. And that’s why one Redditor created a safe place for fans to ask questions and get a little more familiar with Leon’s new identity.

Fans of the show really appreciated the opportunity to ask questions, as many admitted they really didn’t know very much about the transition process to begin with.

However, some fans also brought up a valid concern. They’re worried that TLC will try to capitalize on Leon’s new identity to market Sister Wives as “inclusive” or “progressive.”

Sister Wives/TLC

Now Audrey and Leon haven’t been actively involved with Sister Wives for a while. Ultimately, the show doesn’t really line up with their own values. Leon’s mother Meri seems to keep in contact with the couple, but they decided that the show wasn’t the best environment for them.

But it’s entirely possible that TLC will try to get them back to keep marketing the show. That’s the last thing fans want to happen.

At the end of the day, fans recognize that Leon and Audrey aren’t tools for marketing ploys — they’re real people with feelings. And that’s why they hope that the couple will run far away from the network.

The online community rallies around Leon and their new transition journey

The good news is that many of Leon’s family members are celebrating their transition journey too. Meri and Ysabel Brown both showed their support online. Audrey Kriss posted a cute photo of Leon on their Instagram story to show their support.

Fortunately, it seems like the online community is ready to back Leon too. The LGBTQ+ community has more support now more than ever before, but there are still many people out there who are not kind.

Fans that want to keep up with Leon and Audrey can follow them on social media. Because it doesn’t appear as if they will come back to TLC anytime soon.

Sister Wives from Instagram
Audrey Kriss/Instagram

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