‘Sister Wives‘ Fans Question What Meri Brown Is Waiting For

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Sister Wives fans have long felt that Meri Brown has been selling herself short in her plural marriage. Her husband, Kody has admitted that they have nothing more than a friendship at best. Plus, the two have not been intimate in over a decade. So, what is she sticking around for? More so, who is she sticking around for? This is what fans are asking as a Reddit thread recently started asking this exact question. Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Ask What Meri Is Waiting For

Meri Brown may have a religious obligation to stay in the plural family. By not leaving, she will be able to get into the Celestial Kingdom. However, she is clearly not getting what she deserves from her sister wives or her husband. When it comes to Robyn, the fourth wife, it seemed she was the closest to Meri. Yet, Meri spent months of the pandemic alone, away from Robyn and her children, whom she adored. She even noted that if she were to get the virus, no one would even know or care.

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A Reddit thread was started to address why Meri sticks around. Someone noted that it was the only way for her to be able to have children in the afterlife. Another cited that she still thinks she can win Kody back which is fair since she has been called desperate. There are times when she appears to take table scraps from him. Fans have called her out for that. Staying away from religion and Kody, someone added: “I feel like a huge part of Meri staying has to do with the MLM she works for and $$$.”

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One fan pointed this out: “I wonder if we will see a difference in her now that her mom has passed. Maybe she didn’t want to disappoint her mother as she was always pushing her to reconcile/ very supportive of kody?” In the latest episode, Meri lost her mother Bonnie which was a devastating blow all around.

How It Was

Meri married Kody in 1990 and they seemed to have a great connection. In 1993, Janelle joined them with Christine following in 1994. Finally, in 2010, Robyn entered the family and there was an extreme sense of favoritism that came out upon her arrival. When Meri was first introduced on Sister Wives, she and Kody seemed to get along great. Sadly, they fell apart along the way and divorced in 2014 so Kody could marry Robyn. That allowed him to adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. After that, Meri went into a very dark place and the marriage was too far gone. Yet, Meri stays and it will continue to remain a mystery as to why.

Why do you think Meri sticks with the family? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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