Love's Sweet Recipe, used with UPtv's permission

Fall Into Love With UPtv’s ‘Love’s Sweet Recipe’

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UPtv’s Love’s Sweet Recipe is their latest Fall Into Love movie. This stars Megan Hutchings (Swindler Seduction, Love’s Match), Damon Runyon (A Snowy Christmas, Star Trek: Discovery), Rosemary Dunsmore (The Story Of Love, Good Sam), Michael Copeman (When Hope Calls, Peppergrass), Lara Amersey (Christmas In Toyland, Christmas On Wheels), Michael Brown (A Dangerous Romance, Ghostwriter), Michael Boisvert (Coroner, Frankie Drake Mysteries), Kaleb Alexander (Cabin Connection, Death She Wrote), Nora Sheehan (Murdoch Mysteries, Blackout), and Graeme Campbell (Instant Star).

John Dion (Hint Of Love, Love At Sunset Terrace) wrote the script, with Virginia Abramovich (A Priceless Love, Ghosts Of Christmas Past) directing.

What Is Love’s Sweet Recipe About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, Courtney (Hutchings) is a chef who runs her family-owned restaurant. Cooking is her passion. She grew up learning from her father at their restaurant. When she grew up, Courtney went to New York to become a sous chef in Brooklyn.

One day, she meets Jake Turner (Runyon), who is the hometown boy who became a big league pitcher. Now, he has a proposition for Courtney. He wants to go into business with her. In addition, he wants them to be a farm-to-table restaurant. Yet, there is more.

It turns out that not only can he throw a curve ball, but he can make some delicious pastries. Moreover, he wants to work with Courtney and sell his sweet treats until he figures out what he can do with this skill.

In turn, Courtney wants to compete in the Only In Idaho competition. Are they are ready to work as a team?

However, Jake gets a job offer as a pitching coach. Is this going to be the end of Courtney’s restaurant dream?

Love's Sweet Recipe, used with UPtv's permission
Love’s Sweet Recipe, used with UPtv’s permission

When Can You Watch UPtv’s Love’s Sweet Recipe?

The premiere of UPtv’s Love’s Sweet Recipe is on Sunday, September 18, at 7 p.m., Eastern. There is one encore showing on Sunday, October 2, at 9 p.m., Eastern.

Don’t Miss UPtv’s Encore Showing Of Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove

Right after Love’s Sweet Recipe, don’t miss UPtv’s encore showing of Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove. This airs on Sunday, September 18, at 9 p.m., Eastern.

Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove stars Stephanie Bennett (Yellowstone Romance, Listen Out For Love), and Jesse Hutch (Chateau Christmas, The Love Club: Sydney’s Story).

In this movie, Skye (Bennett) has a business called Lather and Luxury. Although it was doing fantastic, she suddenly watched her business drop. She needs some professional help to save her business.

In comes Gavin (Hutch), her childhood sweetheart. He has some ideas that will help her improve sales and rescue her brand.

However, the longer they stay together, the more comfortable they feel. Could this unexpected business match-up turn into something more?

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