UPtv’s ‘Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove’ Is Fall Into Love Premiere

UPtv Love Bubbles & Crystal Cove used with permission

UPtv’s Fall Into Love premiere is Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove. This romance stars Stephanie Bennett (Yellowstone Romance, Listen Out For Love), Jesse Hutch (Christmas In Toyland, The Love Club: Sydney’s Story), Pricilla Mudaliar (A Honeymoon To Remember, Travelers), Brendan J. Rowland (American Gods, Falling Water), Fred Henderson (Christmas Waltz, Campfire Christmas), Maria Hart (Check It Out, The Friendship Game), Haven Gin (Wild Goat Surf), Eleanor Walker (Deadpool 2, Resident Alien), Brooke Walker (Clown Motel Vacancies, Bigfoot Country), Kayden Boisclair (Love & Where To Find It, Mary), and Matt Brown (Raise A Glass To Love, A Slice Of Romance).

What happens when your ex is the executive to help you save your business?

UPtv Love Bubbles & Crystal Cove used with permission
UPtv Love Bubbles & Crystal Cove used with permission

What Is UPtv’s Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, Skye’s (Bennett) business, Lather and Luxury, was soaring, until recently. Somehow the pampering products are not producing the profits that she previously enjoyed. Now, she needs someone to help her pivot to success.

That someone turns out to be Gavin (Hutch), her childhood sweetheart. Now, this executive wants to help her improve her business model. She is willing, as long as they focus on her business, not their past.

However, the longer they hang out together, the more they connect. Could this business fix wind up becoming something more?

When Can You Watch Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove?

The UPtv premiere of Love, Bubbles & Crystal Cove is on Sunday, September 4, at 7 p.m., Eastern. There is one encore showing on Sunday, September 18, at 9 p.m., Eastern.

Don’t Miss The Encore Of UPtv’s The Engagement Plot

On Sunday, September 4, at 9 p.m., Eastern, watch the encore showing of UPtv’s The Engagement Plot. This movie stars Rachel Boston (Dating The DelaneysSeal Team), Trevor Donovan (Jingle Bell PrincessReagan), Jacklyn (Jacks) Collier (Love, Fall & OrderBlood Conscious), Audrey Walters (EuphoriaBetter Call Saul), Amie MacKenzie (MessiahEnd Of The Road), Tedd Taskey (MacGruberThe Cleaning Lady), Bill LeVasseur (Help WantedSerotonin Rising), Jordan Neifert (Into The Wild Frontier), Walter Anaruk (At The End Of The Santa Fe TrailThe Happy Camper), Steven Dudley (Ohryis ProjectTest Drive), Jordan Doll (KwaczalaAngie Tribeca), Barbara Gehring (The Social DilemmaDragon And The Hawk), Andi Davis (Publish Or PerishFallen Stars), Mark Wilson (MidnightNCIS: Hawaii), and Javen Campbell (The CrossPreacher’s Kid).

Teacher Hanna Knight (Boston) is a contestant on a reality dating show. She is part of a pack of women who are vying to get the attention, and the heart of Will (Donovan), a successful businessman.

Nicknamed “Holy Hanna” by the other contestants, she is quickly the fan favorite. Moreover, she likes Will a lot. Therefore, when he proposes to someone else, she is heartbroken.

A few months later, Will is dumped by his realty date. Worst of all, his business is floundering. That is because customers are mad at him for treating Hanna so badly.

Now, he has devised an idea. Why not fake an engagement with Hanna and repair his business? Finally, can Will and Hanna escape their feelings the second time around?

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