Lifetime Announces Love, Lies And Seduction: Risky Romances


Lifetime’s hot August slate entitled Love, Lies And Seduction promises a cornucopia of steamy romances and clandestine affairs. There are five sizzling movies starting on August 6. Here are all the details of August’s risky romances.

Lifetime Kicks Off With A Dangerous Affair

The first Lifetime Love, Lies And Seduction movie is A Dangerous Affair. This movie stars Aubree Bouché (Jay Shetty, The Diamond Ring), and Charlie Bewley (Sister Of The Groom, Colony).

A Dangerous Affair premieres On Saturday, August 6, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

According to The Futon Critic, Amelie Didot (Bouché) is a pilates instructor. One of her good-looking clients, a journalist, catches her eye. Soon, she starts a passionate relationship with Pierce Dalton (Bewley).

However, they find themselves in serious danger, including murder. After the murder, Amelie keeps running into a masked woman. Moreover, after some investigation, they find out that the killer is erotically obsessed with Pierce.

Suddenly, Amelie has found herself in a deadly love triangle!

Lifetime Art of Passion-
Lifetime Art of Passion-

The Art Of Passion Completes Love, Lies And Seduction Kickoff Weekend

After that comes the next erotic thriller, The Art of Passion. This stars Katie Reese (SkyFly, The Only One for Me), Victor Alfieri (Southland, Warrior), and Gregg Weiner (Bad Monkey, Reboot).

Lifetime’s The Art Of Passion premieres on Sunday, August 7, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

Hope Williams (Reese) is a successful ER doctor. On a girl’s night out, she meets an attractive and successful artist. They soon fall into a very passionate affair. This relationship becomes so intense that this is affecting Hope’s work. Is this romance too risky for her career?

Lifetime director Lindsay Hartley-
Lifetime director Lindsay Hartley-

Lifetime’s In Love With My Partner’s Wife

The next torrid Lifetime movie is In Love With My Partner’s Wife. This stars Andrew Spach (Angels Of Mercy, An Organized Killer), Jonathan Stoddard (Young And The Restless, Deceived By My Mother-In-Law), and Gina Vitori (Killer Stepmom, Deadly Girls Night Out).

This thriller premieres on Saturday, August 13, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

When Detective Paul Ford (Spach) discovers his partner, Frank (Stoddard) is abusing his wife Eve (Vitori), he plays the knight in shining armor. He rescues her. However, Frank wants revenge so he frames Paul for murder.

Now, both Paul and Eve are on the run. Paul is trying to evade his fellow officers, while Eve is running from Frank. Therefore, Paul and Eve find themselves in a tantalizing clandestine affair.

Lifetime’s Temptation Under The Sun

Temptation Under The Sun is the penultimate Love, Lies And Seduction movie. This stars Annika Foster  (Sinister Stepsister, Fatal Memory), Mike Markoff (Death Squad, Spring Break Nightmare), and Christina Gray (Minx, Tricks).

This Lifetime movie premieres on Saturday, August 20, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

Detective Cassady Cruz (Foster) is taking a well-deserved break on an exotic island. There, she meets Travis King (Markoff), and they embark on a sultry affair. Travis is an ex-pat with a lot of charm, and Cassady falls hard.

However, things take a shocking turn. Minerva (Gray), Travis’s ex-girlfriend is murdered. Moreover, he is accused of murdering Minerva.

Now, Cassady is determined to prove his innocence since she knows he didn’t do it. As she digs for clues, she uncovers some dangerous secrets that lead her to a dangerous trap. Can Travis save her?

Final Love, Lies And Seduction Movie Is Bodyguard Seduction 

Finally, The last movie in this Lifetime collection of risky romances is Bodyguard Seduction. This movie stars Jessica Morris (Beacon Hill, The Wrong Fiancé), and Ross Jirgl (Heart Of The Manor, Gossip Girl).

Bodyguard Seduction premieres on Saturday, August 27, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

Charly (Morris) is a wealthy businesswoman with a very attractive bodyguard, Jonathan (Jirgl). However, she is not sure who she can trust. More so, there is a plot to assassinate her, and there may be several potential killers. Therefore, she decides that the art of seduction is the only way she can uncover the truth!

Which one are you the most excited about?

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