Colton Haynes Plays Two Roles In Lifetime’s ‘Swindler Seduction’

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Lifetime’s Ripped From The Headlines includes a romantic swindler in their upcoming movie, Swindler Seduction. Colton Haynes is playing identical twins!

Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf: The Movie, Arrow), Gabrielle Graham (Twenties, Relax, I’m From The Future), Meghan Hutchings (Reign, Love’s Sweet Recipe), Dave Rose (Designing Christmas, My Grown-Up Christmas List), Suzanne Cyr (Dashing Home For Christmas, Night Raiders), Ivan Lopez (Star Trek: Discovery, Hello Stranger), Brenda Ngo (The Pines Still Whisper), and Amelia Howell (The Preacher’s Sin, Rockland).

Liz Lake (A Town Called Malice, The Chelsea Detective) wrote the script, with Jonathan Wright (Jolly Good Christmas, Mix Up In The Mediterranean).

Colton Haynes Lifetime-
Colton Haynes Lifetime-

What Is Lifetime’s Swindler Seduction About?

According to IMDb, Louisa (Graham) meets Steve (Haynes) at a Chicago bar. Steve is gorgeous and very sweet. He is the whole package. Moreover, he is altruistic. He is an angel investor, as well as a successful entrepreneur. More so, Steve recently sold his company for millions of dollars.

Louisa and Steve have 48 passionate, blissful hours together, filled with countless lies. When Steve disappears, Louisa realizes she has been swindled because Steve took thousands of dollars from her! Worst of all, the police refuse to get on this case.

Things get worse when Louisa finds out she is pregnant. Now, she is determined to find Steve.

Then, things take a shocking twist. She doesn’t track down Steve. Instead, she finds Mitch (Haynes), Steve’s identical twin brother. The twins not only look alike, but they are in the same business of being romantic con artists.

Infuriated, Louisa digs even deeper. She finds other women who have suffered like she has, by one of the tempting twins. Now, Louisa wants to fight back.

Determined she won’t be fooled again, Louisa uses her wits to outsmart Steve and Mitch and get justice for all.

When Can You Watch Swindler Seduction?

The premiere of Swindler Seduction is on Saturday, October 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Beyond The Headlines: Swindler Seduction

Immediately after Swindler Seduction is the documentary Beyond The Headlines: Swindler Seduction. This premieres on Saturday, October 22, at 10 p.m., Eastern on Lifetime.

This one-hour special includes interviews and deep dives into the phenomenon of evil and criminal twins. This doc goes into the genetic and environmental circumstances that are prevalent in twin siblings leading a life of crime.

Lifetime even speaks to a forensic psychologist who analyzes and deconstructs a true crime case involving twin sisters. The sisters eventually turned on each other, but the events that lead up to this are pretty bonkers.

Don’t miss the other Ripped From The Headlines movies airing on Lifetime this fall including An Amish Sin, starring Kellie Martin, Dylan Ratzlaff, and Rukiya Bernard. This movie will premiere on Saturday, October 29, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

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