Is Season 4 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Coming To Netflix Or Not?

Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery will not be coming to Netflix

It was recently reported that Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery was set to drop on Netflix on November 18. However, something has now drastically changed. Read on to find out more about what has happened to the latest season of the popular sci-fi series.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 on Netflix

A month ago, we reported that Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery was set to release on Netflix on November 18, 2021. Unfortunately, there is bad news out for fans of the epic sci-fi series. Instead of dropping weekly episodes as on Seasons 1, 2 and 3, the fourth season won’t be coming to Netflix. To make matters even worse, the first three seasons are also being removed from the streaming platform worldwide.

Star Trek: Discovery is heading for a release date on Netflix
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Star Trek: Discovery was created by Alex Kurtzman and Bryan Fuller and is considered one of the best reboots in the Star Trek universe. It came to life when ViacomCBS bought the rights in 2017. Now, as reported by Deadline, ViacomCBS is buying back those rights from Netflix, meaning users of the streamer won’t be seeing Season 4. On top of this, ViacomCBS is also nabbing back Season 1 to 3.

Where will Season 4 be available?

ViacomCBS is set to release the Paramount+ network across Europe. For this reason, the network chose to not license Season 4 to Netflix and also take away Seasons 1 to 3. Meanwhile, the previous seasons were officially removed from the streamer on November 16, 2021.

Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery will not be coming to Netflix
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Meanwhile, what this means to fans is that they won’t get to watch Season 4 on Netflix this Friday. In fact, they will have to wait until at least 2022 for Star Trek: Discovery to drop on Paramount+ around the world.

What are we expecting from Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery?

Before the news of the sci-fi series being dropped from Netflix, we had the following synopsis for Season 4.

In Season 4, Captain Burnham and the USS Discovery’s crew are facing a threat unlike any they have encountered before. With Federation and non-Federation worlds alike feeling the impact, they must confront the unknown and work together to ensure a hopeful future for all.

A trailer for Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery is included here, as released by Paramount+:

What is the solution for Star Trek fans?

It looks like the only route open to Star Trek: Discovery fans is to sign up for a Paramount+ subscription. With that service being made available in Europe as well as the US, this does give more options for fans of this series. Meanwhile, they will also have access to others offered by Paramount+.

Meanwhile, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK will be among the first countries to stream the sci-fi series. They are among the more than 20 countries the platform is available in outside of North America.

Readers, are you disappointed to hear that Star Trek: Discovery will no longer stream on Netflix? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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