‘Selling Hamptons’ Star Opens Up About Season 2 And His Possible Return

Selling the Hamptons on discovery+

Selling the Hamptons is a discovery+ series in which the six cast members are top-performing real estate agents. In Season 1, fans watched as Nest Seekers International in the Hamptons sold beautiful properties and now fans want to see more. Will the series be renewed for Season 2? One of the cast members was asked his thoughts on a possible second season.

Selling the Hamptons on discovery+

Season 1 of Selling the Hamptons debuted in January 2022 and starred six agents. They are Mia Calabrese, Bianca D’Alessio, Kenny Arias, J.B. Andreassi, Michael Fulfree and Peggy Zabakolas.

Selling the Hamptons on discovery+
Selling the Hamptons [Image discovery plus/YouTube]
During the short, peak-summer selling season, the agents hope to list more major properties for sale. Meanwhile, they work in a cutthroat market that has many such agents.

J.B. Andreassi, Peggy Zabakolas and Michael Fulfree originally starred in the first and only season of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House in 2020.

It is unknown whether viewers are watching Selling the Hamptons because they were fans of Million Dollar Beach House. Maybe they watch because they love to see luxurious homes in upmarket areas. Whatever it is, the series is popular, so will it be renewed for Season 2?

Will the show have a second season?

So far, discovery+ has made no announcement of renewing Selling the Hamptons for a second season. As of now, all eight episodes have aired and the finale dropped on March 3, 2022.

Selling the Hamptons on discovery+
Selling the Hamptons [Image discovery plus/YouTube]
Meanwhile, with the fate of the series unknown, J.B. Andreassi shared whether he would be interested in coming back for Season 2. He spoke to Distractify in January 2022, saying he would love there to be a second season. “We’ll just keep this thing going for the next 10 years,” J.B. added.

Selling the Hamptons is the real deal

Andreassi then shared why it would be pretty easy to keep filming the discovery+ reality show. He said that the show is “real stuff,” adding that it’s not as though they are acting. J.B. said this is what they do each day. Meanwhile, Andreassi said this makes it a little easier to be on TV and not worry about how you’re coming off. He closed with the words, “This is authentically us.”

Many fans of reality TV tend to accuse the shows of being scripted, so it is refreshing to hear that at least one show is the real deal. J.B. went on to compare Selling the Hamptons with his time on Million Dollar Beach House. He said that at that time, they were “green” and were worried about how they were coming off.

However, this time around, they are more comfortable with who they are. J.B. added that they have “grown up” and done a lot of good things, both in their lives and also in the business world.

For now, both cast members and fans will have to wait and see whether discovery+ picks up the show for Season 2.

For those who have yet to watch Selling the Hamptons, here is a trailer for Season 1.

Readers, did you watch Season 1 of Selling the Hamptons? What did you think of the series and would you welcome a second season? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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