Audrey Roloff Stunned By What Jeremy Roloff Did With His Hair?

Fans keep up with the LPBW stars on social media and recently, Audrey Roloff posted a surprising Instagram Story. It turns out Jeremy Roloff has given himself a drastic new hairstyle which clearly shocked his wife. At the same time, their son Bode also had a hair makeover and looks totally cute. What did Jeremy do to his hair? Read on to find out.

LPBW star Audrey Roloff shocked by Jeremy Roloff and his hair

As fans of LPBW know, Jeremy Roloff is currently busy renovating their new home. Meanwhile, he also co-authors books with his wife, Audrey Roloff. Obviously, all this activity keeps him busy.

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy and Audrey [Image @audreyroloff/Instagram]
Currently, Jeremy and Audrey give regular updates on their second home which certainly impresses fans. He literally gets involved in knocking down walls, adding tile and more and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. However, does this keep him so busy that he didn’t have time to go to the barbershop?

It turns out Jeremy gave himself a quick DIY hairdo, which clearly shocked Audrey, who had been out enjoying a run. While normally, he keeps his hair short, the LPBW went totally beyond short. In fact, Jeremy pretty much has no hair right now as he took a razor to his head.

Audrey reacts to Jeremy’s new ‘do’

Audrey had left the house for half an hour to go on a run and what she came home to was certainly extreme. Fortunately, Jeremy went out in the backyard to do his hair so he didn’t mess up the house. The LPBW star basically took a razor and shaved his head almost bald.

In the images shared to her Instagram Story, Jeremy can be seen sitting with his hair piled around his feet, while Audrey shares a laughing while crying emoji as her reaction.

What has LPBW star Jeremy Roloff done to his hair?
Jeremy and Audrey [Image @audreyroloff/Instagram]
She actually doesn’t seem too upset that her husband had shaved his head bald. However, fans are wondering if Jeremy deliberately waited until Audrey was out before he did so.

LPBW star Bode Roloff also had a haircut

While Jeremy Roloff had a DIY haircut, Bode, 2, also had a new haircut, but this time by a professional stylist. Jeremy and Audrey’s second child went to the salon for his haircut and obviously behaved himself. While many children balk at the idea of a haircut, Bode took it all in his stride.

Bode gets a cute haircut
Bode Roloff [Image @audreyroloff/Instagram]
In the image, readers can see Bode sitting patiently in the salon as his hair is cut. Meanwhile, this is followed by an image of truly cute Bode, smiling while clutching his lollipop reward. Audrey added a caption to the image, writing, “Quite possibly my favorite photo of him.” Likely LPBW fans will agree that the tot does look extremely cute.

Readers, what is your reaction to Jeremy Roloff’s extreme haircut? Did he take it too far? Meanwhile, what do you think of little Bode’s new “do?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. So dude shaved his head, and did anyone get physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially,go hungry,lose their home,did the sun stop rising/setting,did the moon stop rising because he shaved his head? He’s a grown man and he doesn’t need anyone’s permission and that includes his family and his wife.

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