What Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Really Do For A Living

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LPBW fans think they’ve cracked the mystery of what Audrey and Jeremy Roloff really do to make a living. Read on for all the juicy details.

Matt and Amy’s son thriving after leaving TLC show

In 2018, Jeremy Roloff made the shocking announcement that he was leaving Little People, Big World. He had appeared on the popular TLC show since its inception in 2006.

However, after 10+ years, he was ready to call it quits on reality TV. Viewers had previously seen his courtship and marriage to Audrey. However, after the birth of their first child, Ember, they wanted to focus on their growing family.

Since then, they’ve welcomed two more kids to the family, Bode, 2, and Radley, 4 months.

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Additionally, the couple wanted to pursue other career opportunities. However, there is still confusion over what exactly Audrey and Jeremy Roloff do for a living.

Until now.

Online sleuths think they’ve cracked the code of what the LPBW alums do.

LPBW fans think they know what Audrey and Jeremy Roloff REALLY do for a living

Followers of the Roloff family took to Reddit to discuss Jeremy and Audrey’s careers.

Reddit user @kitchen-window4 kicked things off by sharing a snapshot from the couple’s marriage journal.

The LPBW alums published the journal through their Beating 50 Percent company. The name is a reference to the divorce rate in the U.S.

The photo from the journal is from year 7 of Jeremy and Audrey’s marriage. The journal entry is from September 20, 2021. The photo shows Jeremy, Audrey, Ember, and Bode. It was before Radley joined the family.

However, the part of the journey entry that stuck out to Redditors was what was written in the “current jobs” section.

Do we finally know what Jeremy and Audrey do for a living?

The entry says, “authors, producers, YL, self-publish.”

“YL” stands for Young Living, an essential oil company Audrey promotes.

Fans (or perhaps haters) took to the comments to share their reaction to what Jeremy and Audrey think of as their careers.

“What in the millennial f*ck kind of jobs are these?,” one person bluntly responded.

Another joked, “I guess I should write down I’m a cleaning person then.”

Some wondered how the careers written in the journal support a family of five. “I can’t believe they make enough to live on. Who is buying their work??”

However, one user took to the comments to possibly defend the couple. “And let’s not forget “influencers” and “general contractors” and a “pilot,”” they wrote.

Since leaving TLC, Jeremy and Audrey have used their social media to promote products, as well as their marriage journal.

Are you surprised to find out what Audrey and Jeremy REALLY do for a living? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Lets settle the argument on what their occupation is-here it is straight from the source!
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