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‘Wheel Of Fortune‘: Vanna White’s 2022 Net Worth

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Fans of Wheel of Fortune have been watching Vanna White on stage for decades. Without her and Pat Sajak, the show just wouldn’t feel the same. What has her career on the game show done for Vanna’s overall wealth? Here is a look at Vanna White’s 2022 net worth.

Vanna’s Career On Wheel Of Fortune

Vanna made her first appearance on Wheel of Fortune in 1982. Since then, she has been the letter-tapping model on more than 6,000 episodes and has sported more than 5,700 gowns.

However, the Wheel wasn’t where Vanna made her television debut. Actually, the actress and model made her first TV appearance on another game show, The Price Is Right. She wasn’t in her normal role as a co-host though. Vanna was a competitor on the game show in 1980.

Later, she started appearing on Wheel of Fortune as a substitute for Susan Stafford, the former letter-turner on the game show. When Stafford left Wheel in 1982, it took no time for producers to pinpoint Vanna as the replacement. After only three months of filling in for Stafford, Vanna was chosen as the full-time permanent replacement.

Vanna White and Pat Sajak on the Wheel Of Fortune - Vanna White's 2022 Net Worth - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Credit: YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Now, she has been on Wheel of Fortune for 40 years and the show has seen plenty of changes in that time. What has it done for Vanna’s net worth?

What Is Vanna White’s 2022 Net  Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Vanna White makes approximately $10 million per year. As of 2022, her net worth is sitting around $85 million.

In addition to her work on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna has played small roles in several movies as well. Her most recent appearance in a motion picture was in 2014 in a film called The Chess Player.

On top of that, Vanna has also had a fairly successful modeling career. She appeared in Playboy in the 1990s and has been featured in a number of other publications as well. More recently though, she’s started to delve into arts and crafts. She created her own line of Lion’s Brand yarns, which also helps her bring in some cash.

Vanna White on the Wheel Of Fortune - Vanna White's 2022 Net Worth - YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

Credit: YouTube/Wheel Of Fortune

It has also been reported that a chunk of Vanna White’s 2022 net worth can be attributed to how she invested her money after her divorce in the early 2000s. She ended her marriage to George Santo Pietro in 2002. The couple was married throughout the 90s and owned a number of properties.

Since their split, Vanna has used her money from the divorce, as well as her annual income, to invest. Over the years, she has purchased apartment buildings and has even flipped a few houses.

Despite her wealth, Vanna has no plans to leave the show any time soon. She and Pat Sajak signed on to remain on the Wheel of Fortune until 2024. Referring to her role on the show, Vanna has said, “[I love] how happy we make people … and rich! I mean, how many times do you show up every day and give money away to change people’s lives?”

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