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New ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Board Has Fans Divided

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The first promo video for the newest season of Wheel of Fortune has been released and one thing has fans of the game show divided. After decades of the same style puzzle board, there has been an update. See why the new technology on the set has some viewers apprehensive about the new board.

What Has Changed About The Board?

To enter into Season 40, Wheel of Fortune updated its puzzle board. The old board was operated by Vanna White with flip letters to reveal the answer to the puzzle. Then, the promotional video for the upcoming new season showed an all-new LED puzzle board. Not only is it brighter and clearer than the older board, but you don’t have to touch it to control it.

Maggie Sajak, daughter of the current host Pat Sajak, confirmed that the puzzle board shown in the video on Wednesday is the one that will be used on the show.

Vanna White on GMA - YouTube/Good Morning America - Wheel of Fortune Gets A New Board

Credit: YouTube/Good Morning America

In the clip, the show’s Executive Producer Bellamie Blackstone said a few things about Season 40. “We are trying to give the most money away ever offered on syndicated Wheel of Fortune,” she said. Along with the big, new LED screen on set, the show has a brand new logo.

Vanna White appeared on Good Morning America last week to talk about the new technology on the set of the game show. “There’s a laser and I can run my hand over it, I don’t even have to touch it!” she said about the foreign flat screen.

This change is huge since the Wheel of Fortune set is permanent. It is on very rare occasions that the wheel or the puzzle board are moved from their places. Not only has the board moved, but it has completely changed and fans aren’t sure how to feel about it.

Wheel Of Fortune Fans Unsure About The Change

While technological upgrades like this are typically welcome, fans of the long-running game show aren’t sure if they like it or not. It has been almost 20 years since the puzzle board was last updated.

One of the biggest gripes viewers seem to have is that Vanna White no longer plays a role in controlling the board. Instead, it is controlled remotely. Vanna is still present, but she isn’t performing the job she used to.

Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune- YouTube/Wheel of Fortune- Wheel of Fortune Gets A New Board

Credit: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Fans have started to weigh in on the new board. One YouTuber exclaimed that they thought the new board was amazing. Other people commented that they preferred the old style of the puzzle board. A few even joked that the new iPad-style screen probably would fail to work properly during the first episode. Viewers will get to see it in action next week.

Season 40 of Wheel of Fortune debuts on September 12 at 7 p.m. EST on ABC. You don’t have to wait to see the new puzzle board though. Get a sneak peek of the board in the YouTube video below!

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  1. I wish the producers would leave well enough alone. I feel that the majority of the followers that watch are NOT the younger generation and not fond of High Tech. Please, just leave it alone and keep it like it was. I don’t like it since the beautiful scenery was taken away. I have watched it for many years with my Mom and now with my Husband. I think the new set is “gawdy”.

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