Wheel Of Fortune Fans Turn On Pat Sajak & Dummy Contestants? [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Turn On Pat Sajak & ‘Dummy’ Contestants?


Wheel of Fortune fans turned on both Pat Sajak and the “dummy” contestants. Viewers were not happy when they watched the latest episode of the beloved game show. They blasted two of the players for making the same “unbelievable” mistake.

During the Thursday, June 2 episode, host Pat Sajak kicked off the first “Toss Up” game of the night. Two of the contestants made a huge error with their responses. Read on to learn more and to see what the fans had to say about what happened.

Wheel Of Fortune Wheel [YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune fans blast “dummy” contestants

Contestant Miranda buzzed in first during that round. She incorrectly said, “Splendid surprise.” Wheel of Fortune viewers noticed there weren’t enough letters on the board for the second word to be right. “Nooo,” Pat Sajak said. “Anybody else?”

After a few seconds, all of the letters but three appeared on the puzzle. Contestant Jeff buzzed to give his response. “Splendid surprise?” he asked. Sajak cooly responded, “Still not, no.”

Wheel Of Fortune Players Draw Blanks [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
Wheel of Fortune fans noticed that Jeff gave the same response as Miranda. She tried to hold back her laughter. Ken realized his mistake and buzzed in with the correct answer: “Splendid sunrise.” Viewers were not amused and blasted the players for being “dummies” during that round.

  • “I can’t. I just can’t anymore.”
  • “Splendid surprise – No. SPLENDID SURPRISE – Also no.”
  • “‘Still incorrect.’ Thank you Pat, that was the perfect response.”

Most of them got secondhand embarrassment from the players. This comes just weeks after Sajak had to calm down another contestant who made a costly mistake. Viewers noticed that she was unsure of the rules of the game. Amy made many mistakes, even when she guessed a letter that was already on the board.

Fans slam Pat Sajak for his rude behavior

Wheel of Fortune fans slammed Pat Sajak for his behavior on the show. Most have been conflicted about his attitude. They noticed that he was rude and standoffish to the contestants. During that episode, however, Sajak soothed Amy, who had to recollect herself.

Wheel of Fortune fans continues to call out Sajak for his demeanor to this day. Some have even called for his firing or for him to retire from the show. He’s hosted the game show for over 40 years. Viewers have gotten tired of the way he treats everyone on set.

“I wish Pat Sajak would retire from Wheel of Fortune,” one fan wrote.

“Pat Sajak has been a d*** for years. Especially to Vanna. But now he’s getting more d***ish to contestants. Fire the a**hole,” another bluntly added.

Wheel Of Fortune Pat Sajak Slammed [Sony Pictures Entertainment | YouTube]
[Sony Pictures Entertainment | YouTube]
What are your thoughts on the latest episode of Wheel of Fortune? Did you notice the mistake? Do you think the contestants and Pat Sajak should get this much hate? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. As an Australian, I’m just gob-smacked at how the game has been ruined (for me anyway) by the number of answers that appear to have been sold to corporations and businesses for advertising purposes. I’ve never heard of most of them (Baby Phat(??!) FFS!) and it basically cancels the fun of playing along with the show.

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