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’Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Spot Something Strange & Repetitive


Wheel of Fortune has been on the air since 1975 and it still pulls in more than 8 million viewers every night. However, fans of the show have recently spotted something strange and repetitive about the female contestants. Keep reading to see what has so many viewers raising an eyebrow.

‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Call Out Pat Sajak

Before fans started pointing out some of the more strange recurrences on the game show, Wheel of Fortune viewers have been putting pressure on Pat Sajak to retire. He has been accused of being less-than-friendly to many female contestants and Vanna White in the 40+ years he has been hosting the game show. Viewers called him out for being “cold and rude.”

Thursday night’s episode showed a different side of Sajak, just 24 hours after fans called for him to retire for being rude. He comforted one of the female contestants after she made a mistake by naming a letter that was already on the board, losing an excellent vacation package and $1 million.

Wheel of Fortune - YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Credit: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Sajak stepped in and tried to calm her down a little by getting her to shake hands. He then urged her to collect herself before they continued. While fans tweeted about the tough loss for the contestant, Amy, they also commented on something else they’ve noticed recently.

Why Do All The Female Contestants Wear This?

With attention turned to Amy, Twitter users took the chance to point out something they’ve noticed about the women who appear as contestants on Wheel of Fortune. They all seem to wear the same clothing. People have started weighing in using the hashtag #wheeloffortuneuniform.

For women, a black two-piece suit and blue shirt seem to be the “uniform” required. There were more than a dozen photos of female contestants wearing exactly that outfit. That may seem crazy, but the contestants of the show do actually have to adhere to some kind of uniform code.

Wheel of Fortune - YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Credit: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune

Each person who appears on the Wheel of Fortune is given a list of things they aren’t allowed to wear. No solid red, white, or black tops are permitted on the program because they don’t film well. Tight-fitting tops are also not allowed. Men are instructed to wear business or business casual. Women, on the other hand, have a much more strict dress code.

As fans of the show took to Twitter to discuss Amy’s tough loss saying, “Amy…omg. she really isn’t paying attention.” Others took the chance to point out that she was wearing the #wheeloffortuneuniform.

Seeing photos of multiple female contestants side by side, there is no doubting that some kind of specific uniform exists for women who want to play the Wheel of Fortune. What do you think about the dress code for contestants?

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