'Wheel Of Fortune': Pat Sajak Shows Compassion To Upset Contestant [Credit: YouTube]

‘Wheel Of Fortune’: Pat Sajak Shows Compassion To Upset Contestant


Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak showed compassion to an upset contestant. He had to help calm her down after she made a costly mistake. Some of the viewers at home said it was “careless.” Thankfully, she didn’t know what they were saying about her.

Sajak had to step in and “calm down” the contestant during the game show. Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation as it played out on television. These episodes are filmed weeks, sometimes months, in advance. So thankfully the contestant had no idea what fans were thinking at that moment she made the mistake.

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak Shows Compassion [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Pat Sajak helps put a contestant at ease

During the Thursday, May 19 episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestant Amy was very excited about playing on the game show. Throughout the episode, she and her fellow contestants guessed at the various puzzles. However, fans have a feeling that she wasn’t aware of the rules of the game. Amy made many goof-ups throughout the show — one of which ended up as a costly mistake.

When she spun the wheel, she landed on a trip to Hawaii. Unfortuantely, Amy lost out on that opportunity when she guessed a letter that was already on the board. Wheel of Fortune fans took to Twitter to call her out for making the “careless” mistake. They say she could’ve easily gotten that trip to Hawaii if she just learned to play the rules.

  • “Such a careless mistakes…losing the chance for a million and a trip to Hawaii by calling an existing letter…amy.”
  • “Read the room idiot, ‘N’ is literally staring you in the face.”
  • “Amy…omg. she really isn’t paying attention.”

It’s likely that Amy had a case of nerves that caused her to mess up. Host Pat Sajak had to help “calm down” the contestant after the embarrassing mistake she made. His latest kind of action comes after he’s been slammed for being cold and rude to his co-host Vanna White and the other contestants on the show. Could it be that he’s had a change of heart?

Wheel of Fortune Pat Sajak Criticized For Rude Behavior [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune host criticized for rude behavior

Wheel of Fortune fans criticized Sajak for his harsh and nasty demeanor in recent weeks. He’s been hosting the classic game show for over 40 years. However, viewers think he should get fired. Critics argue that Sajak is rude to everyone on the set.

  • “I wish Pat Sajak would retire from Wheel of Fortune.”
  • “Pat Sajak has been a d*** for years. Especially to Vanna. But now he’s getting more d***ish to contestants. Fire the a**hole.”
  • “#Jeopardy time with @missmayim after awful Wheel of Fortune episode! Let’s go Ryan Long! Happy Wednesday Jeopardy fam!”

Rumors swirled over the years that the Wheel of Fortune crew members complained about the host’s behavior. Some fans would like an all-women game show with Maggie Sajak as host and Vanna White turning the letters. What are your thoughts on Sajak’s reaction to Amy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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