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When Is ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Season 40 Premiere Date?

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Popular game show Wheel Of Fortune premiered back in 1975 and is soon to enter its 40th season. Over the decades, a lot has changed about the game show. Recently, the show makers teased a big change to the show’s iconic puzzle board. It is being replaced! Not completely, but lasers are being added. With fans excited for the premiere with new changes, it seems like the game show’s hosts have officially confirmed the premiered date for the upcoming season.

Wheel of Fortune Guest-Host Maggie Sajak Announces Premiere Date

Maggie Sajak, alongside her father Pat Sajak, posed for a picture from the sets of Wheel Of Fortune. The 27-year-old took to her Instagram account to announce this good news.

Maggie Sajak YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She captioned the post, “Yes, we do carpool together. Don’t miss the premiere of Season 40 of @wheeloffortune on September 12th!”

Fans quickly took to the comments section to talk about the show’s premiere. One fan wrote, “I’m so excited, Maggie! Hope to see more of you on social media!”

“She’s still on the show?” enquired another.

Maggie Sajak Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

“Can’t wait for season 40 to premiere,” wrote the third fan.

A fourth fan questioned, “So who chooses the music to listen to in the car?”

“Show us the new puzzle board, Maggie!” wrote the fifth fan.

What Is The New Wheel Of Fortune Puzzle Board All About?

The new puzzle board for the show isn’t the standard bank of individual monitors. Rather, a big LED display board. It uses the Lidar technology that stands for ‘light detection and ranging.’

The board will help track the exact location where the hosts would press on the screen without the need for a touch actuator.

Wheel of Fortune Puzzle Board YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Back in December 2021, Bill Monk, the game show’s head of electronics, discussed how the new board would help add to the charm of the game show. He said, “It’ll be a beam of light. If we change it out, where they put their finger through, we’ll know where the XY coordinates, so we’ll know to trigger that box.”

Chuck Woolery Preceded Pat Sajak As Wheel Of Fortune Host

Given its long history, the game show has experienced a lot of changes with time since its inception. Even ardent Wheel Of Fortune fans wouldn’t have any idea that Pat Sajak wasn’t the first host for the game show. Rather, it was Chuck Woolery. He hosted the series from its 1975 premiere until December 25, 1981.

Chuck Woolery Wheel of Fortune YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Even late host Alex Trebek from Jeopardy! fame hosted the game show for one week in August 1980.

Another lesser-known fact about the game show is the fact that its original name wasn’t Wheel Of Fortune. With Woolery as the host, the show premiered as Shopper’s Bazaar. However, one thing that hasn’t changed about the game is the ‘Wheel’ which is central to the game’s theme.

Are you excited for the premiere of Wheel Of Fortune Season 40? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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