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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Slam Latest Puzzle Board Makeover

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Wheel Of Fortune fans know that the game show has changed a lot over the years. However, one thing that has remained unchanged is its beloved puzzle board. Unfortunately, the show’s only constant is now being pushed into storage while being replaced by its futuristic version. And, fans don’t seem happy with the change.

Wheel Of Fortune Teases Its New Puzzle Board In A BTS Clip

Ahead of its Season 40 premiere on September 12, Wheel Of Fortune is getting a makeover that has left fans baffled. On Tuesday, the show teased a BTS clip with the caption, “Tell everybody! #Wereback.”

As the video continued, host Pat Sajak, and his daughter Maggie Sajak alongside Vanna White each appeared in different areas of the set announcing, “We’re back!” However, as the camera panned towards the iconic letter board, something was different. Fans could see that the traditional letter board was replaced.

Wheel Of Fortune YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Standing in its spot was a single gigantic flat-screen TV that looked nothing like the old puzzle board. Back in 1997, the puzzle board first decommissioned its treasured turntable pieces. They then swapped them out for a collection of TV monitors. However, this latest board will just be a single monitor powered by lasers and a massive LED display.

Wheel Of Fortune’s Latest Puzzle Board Works With Lasers

As per The Sun, the board comprises a grid of invisible lasers in front of it. So, instead of being triggered by the press of a button, it will work via lasers.

Talking about the new laser board, blogger Corey Anotado of BuzzerBlog said: “The set is basically permanent, and the wheel and the puzzle board rarely get put into storage. It’ll be a beam of light, if we change it out, where they put their finger through, we’ll know where the XY coordinates, so we’ll know to trigger that box.”

Buzzerblog also tweeted about the new puzzle board and wrote, “OK honest opinion and I know its petty so I apologize. Am I alone in thinking it looks…cheap? Having a flat screen with no depth and or activity feels odd. It could be just this photo [above]. But it just feels a bit odd and cold.”

Fans Dub The New Puzzle Board Change ‘Awful’

The change didn’t sit well with fans as one wrote, “They’re not going to ‘fake’ the 12-14-14-12 monitors with the one large board, are they? That’s awful.”

“I am going to see a taping of Wheel next week. That said, this board looks like one of those menu monitors behind the counter of a 2010s+ fast food restaurant,” wrote another.

Wheel Of Fortune YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

A third chimed in, “It might look better on TV but this looks like a photo op backdrop.”

Wheel Of Fortune debuted in 1975 and airs after Jeopardy! on weeknights. Pat joined the show as a host in 1981 after which Vanna became a part of the show in 1982. However, the first-ever host of the game show was Chuck Woolery who left the show over a salary dispute with the creators.

What do you think about Wheel Of Fortune’s latest puzzle board? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Who cares…life is going to hell in a hand basket and you guys post about a stupid board on some lame as game show..

  2. I’m so tired of Wheel of Fortune, the two old people on the show. Time for a change. I quit watching it. Do you ever watch Pat Sajak’s eyes talking to Vanna, he’s not looking at her eyes. Shame on him

  3. Yeah, the flat screen is annoying and it seem Vanna is tapping all over the place to light up the letters…Plus she’s practically squatting down to the floor to reach those bottom row letters…Ridiculous! But when is the last time they had anyone in uniform? Also can we stop saying “I’m Married to My Amazing Partner/Wife/Husband!” Don’t even get me started on all the “diversity” of contestants which is so obviously deliberate.

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