WOF: Pat Sajak Ruffles Feathers With Controversial Comment [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

‘WOF’ Pat Sajak Ruffles Feathers With Controversial Comment


Pat Sajak ruffled feathers with his controversial comment. The Wheel of Fortune host loves to speak his mind. However, it can land him in trouble. He left fans in a state of shock with his latest banter with hostess Vanna White.

The 75-year-old has been fronting the beloved game show since the start. But, fans are not impressed with Pat’s delivery anymore. They’ve gotten sick of his rude behavior. Some fans have called for his retirement, while others wanted him fired from the game show.

Find out why they’re not happy with him this time around.

Pat Sajak Makes Vanna White Cringe [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]

Wheel of Fortune host finds himself in more controversy

After months of criticism, Pat Sajak is at it again. The WOF host shocked viewers after he made a controversial comment to Vanna White during Tuesday’s episode. They were in the “Final Spin” part of the show. As Vanna walked from one side of the puzzle board to the other, Pat got coquettish with her.

One of the contestants called out the letter “N.” Pat revealed that there were two of them on the board. Vanna confidently walked up to one of them to light up the letter. While she was doing just fine, Pat doesn’t think that Vanna was quick enough for him.

Pat Sajak Rushes Vanna White [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
With his dry sense of humor, he asked her, “Could ya move a little faster?” Pat Sajak had a sly smile on his face to show that he was only joking. Vanna looked back at him awkwardly with a smile on her face. The contestants and studio audience laughed along as well.

However, the viewers at home weren’t laughing. They took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Pat Sajak’s interaction with Vanna White. Most of them called him out for his inappropriate behavior. Others were shocked to hear Pat bossing around America’s Sweetheart.

  • “I’ve never heard Pat tell Vanna to ‘move a little faster’ during the show!”
  • “Pat tells Vanna ‘move a little faster’ during speed-up. Oh, Pat!”
  • “Pat Sajak just told Vanna White to hurry up.”
  • “B****, I will shank you. You don’t get snotty with a national treasure.”

Pat Sajak has been called out for his behavior before

This isn’t the first time that fans have called out Pat Sajak for his behavior. He caused controversy when he asked his co-star an “inappropriate question” a few weeks ago. At first, it started off as an innocent conversation. Yet, fans thought they witnessed a “Me Too” moment.

Pat Sajak asked if Vanna if she was ever an “opera buff”? The 65-year-old said, “I’m not a buff, but I like opera.” The host then asked if she “ever watched opera in the buff.” He then added, “I’m just curious” with a smile on his face.

Vanna White & Pat Sajak's Awkward Conversation [Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel of Fortune | YouTube]
Vanna responded with a resounding, “No,” and a nervous laugh. Wheel of Fortune fans slammed Pat for asking the weird question. The official Wheel of Fortune Instagram account shared a highlight reel of the day in 1997 when the iconic letter board went manual.

Vanna only needs to press the letters with a tap of her hand. She no longer had to turn them. Pat Sajak explained the change to the viewers with an inappropriate comment. He shared that it’s “heat-activated” and then added, “And if anyone can heat up a board, you can.”

Vanna nervously laughed during the segment. What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak’s behavior? Do you think he should leave the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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