‘Sister Wives’ Season 17 Premiere Recap- September 11

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Sister Wives is back after about seven months and there is a lot to unpack. Season 16 ended with Christine revealing she could not live in an intimacy-free marriage. Therefore, she packed up all of Kody’s stuff from her home and left it in the basement, much to his shock and dismay. By the time the three-part tell-all came out, Christine revealed that she and Kody were, in fact, divorced. Now, in Season 17, fans will get to see the process of Christine separating from the plural family.

Additionally, second wife Janelle is questioning where she stands with Kody. The synopsis for the opening episode reveals that she does come down with Covid. So, who will be there for her and her children? There is so much dysfunction that is coming to the surface, it has been there for years. Ready for a shake-up? The season premiere starts now.

*Throughout the pandemic, the Browns shot their own diaries*

The Fate Of Sister Wives

Christine shares what many already knew. She and Kody had been struggling for a while and he was blatantly honest that he had lacked attraction for her. Furthermore, he had taken away all forms of intimacy and touching including handholding. Finally, she could not do it anymore and it felt great to just remove him from her space. She felt wonderful claiming her room from him. The pandemic really tore down their walls and exposed how many issues they had.

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Robyn Brown

Robyn admitted that the pandemic actually made Kody hard to live with. Now, he is going to sit down with Robyn and talk to her about his relationship with Christine. He shares how he has been moved out of the house without any warning when she was out of town. Now, she is back in town and he wants to know why he was removed like that. Robyn’s solution is that he still stays with Christine but maybe sleeps on the couch. However, he does not agree because it is still his bedroom.

Robyn is adamant that he stay in the house, sleep on a cot, or pretty much anywhere in the home. He says this will not work for him but she believes that it is all about determination. Kody claims that all of the wives have tried kicking him out but he is not down for the games. Like a child, he looks down and goes, “I’m not sleeping on the couch.” Yet Robyn knows that this is something that could affect everyone.

A Positive Result

Janelle and her daughter, Savanah have tested positive for Covid. She just feels like she has a bad cold and now they are quarantined at home. Kody feels like his life is a bag of unknowns. He has no idea how Janelle and his daughter will fare plus he is nervous about his marriage to Christine. Obviously, he is staying away from his second wife so he will have the big talk with his third. Christine admits Kody’s presence gives her anxiety. He asks why she moved him out and she is honest.

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Janelle Brown

His saying he wasn’t attracted to her plus the no more intimacy was the breaking point. To Kody, that is not enough to throw him out. He denies that he ever said he would not be intimate with her anymore. She maintains that he was blatantly clear about it but he says that he just shrugged his shoulders. What bothers Kody is that Christine has threatened to leave for about a year but never actually told him. She was telling other members of the family. There is a lot of he said/she said.

Christine alleges it has been ten to twelve years of bad but Kody feels that is false. He believes they had a blissful union in Lehi but it was far from perfect. Christine shares, in her confessional, where it started to go south. It was actually when she was pregnant with Truely so the first season of the show. At this time, she asked Kody for help.

The Secret Life Of Sister Wives

Christine explains that they needed to bring in some sort of income so she was working at night. Aspyn was tucking the kids in at night, running the home when she was about ten years old. Admittedly, this timeline is not completely adding up but, in any case, Christine asked for help. She had a lot on her plate so she asked Kody to come by and help. They were all living in one home at the time so it should not have been a problem. He made an issue of it and claimed he could not come by however Kody disputes her claims. Kody said she wanted more than the other wives and that was the problem.

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Christine Brown

Christine admits she is not the best sister wife. She was not that great with Meri and Robyn as she gets jealous when those have better marriages. Yet, she has a great relationship with Janelle, they are super close. Her big problem with Kody in Flagstaff is he is not present with her and the kids. Kody says he does not have time to play as she does. Now she wants to know why he is so insistent on holding onto her when this clearly is not working out.

Kody claims he was turned off by her behavior. Now, he is reminding Christine of all the stuff he bought in the home, including the home. She says being married to him has been heartache and pain. He says she has done everything but treat her sister wives with respect. Furthermore, she was great at mothering Janelle’s kids but not Robyn’s. He admits he married her under unromantic circumstances. She married him for love.

What Now?

It appears that Kody married Christine for all of the wrong reasons and he does admit this in some ways. She very much loved him when they wed but he married her because that was what was right. Then, he fell in love with her because of her kindness but then he believed she was treating others poorly. There was so much she had to do for him to like her and she cannot live up to this. It really has nothing to do with her sister wives and she knows this. Christine can count on her hands how many times he has called her beautiful. She just wants out but he won’t acquiesce.

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Kody Brown

He wants to reconcile for their kids and believes it is poor timing, admitting he is grasping at straws. Kody says he has sacrificed so much to keep the family safe and healthy. Christine shares that she has defended him but he does not believe her because he does not trust her. He starts to point his finger at her and she tells him if he continues with that, the conversation will cease. Finally, after so much back and forth, Christine breaks down in her confessional.

She says she thinks he has a favorite wife and that is why all of this has happened. More so, Christine is probably not treating her well enough so there you have it. They ask each other if they want to be married to one another. She is the one who calls it quits and he says no one is a prisoner anymore. Christine reveals she will move back to Utah and he is shocked. Kody says she cannot legally leave with Truely but he is not really sure.

Are They Still Sister Wives?

Kody is so mad that he is talking through his teeth. He asks if she is going to sit there for the rest of her life and be jealous that he loves other people. Kody tells her to go find someone else, marry them, and bring them into the family. He is adamant that they salvage the family but Christine wants to leave. She explains that all of their children in Utah want to be around them hence why they travel. Soon enough, Kody starts on his Covid protocols. She stops him and says she learned she can do it all on her own.

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Christine Brown

Christine says even being there, she does not feel like part of the family. Additionally, she reminds him that he has not been there even prior to the pandemic. Again, he disputes that. He also says that because Christine broke the rules, he has not been able to do his job properly. His older kids are now coming after him for not being around. Yet history cannot be changed though he will no longer say he does not like plural marriage. He has a lot of friends who live it and love it.

Kody then comes up with the idea that he could lose all of his money if Christine finds a greedy Utah boyfriend who is anti-polygamy. He has apparently seen it happen before. She has to promise this won’t happen but it only confirms that she has made the right decision. Christine says that Kody is not safe for her and almost shudders. Back at the table, he says she seems happy about getting out of plural marriage. It has been a heartbreaking decision and life for her.

Better Than Meri

Admittedly, they have had a better run than Kody and Meri and he even notes that. Christine says she would never want what he and Meri have. At the tell-all, Meri confessed that they had not been intimate in over a decade. She adds she does not want what they have anymore. Christine would rather be compared to what he has with Robyn because that is actually a good marriage. She is about to go backward with Kody but realizes it is not worth it. All she ever wanted was for him to be present and there was a point that he was. Now, he is only like that with one wife.

He says she is comparing relationships and says that is the “poison” she has put in plural marriage for years. She admits she does not know how to properly respond to heartbreak. In the end, any type of marriage does not work for them. Christine notes, in her confessional, that Robyn is more important than she is and she knows she has been a third wheel. She has never been as important as the other wives and she accepts this. Kody stays because he thinks he is supposed to.

They both apologize and acknowledge that have tried to be something that they aren’t for a long time. Now, it is all about how the relationships will adjust to the actual development that Christine is leaving. What did you think of the Season 17 premiere? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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