Shocking Truth Behind Christine Brown’s ‘Sister Wives’ Relationships

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In the newest Sister Wives Season 17 trailer, Christine Brown admits she’s far from perfect. The TLC personality says she knows she was never a very good sister wife. Turns out, maybe Christine was very really cut out for the polygamy lifestyle. What did Christine say about not being a good sister wife? How do fans feel about it?

Christine Brown says she wasn’t a good sister wife

As things get nasty and heated between Christine and Kody Brown, the TLC personality admits she’s far from perfect. During a confessional, Christine Brown says she was never a very good sister wife. And, she discovered she just really wasn’t cut out for sharing a husband and having sister wives. Fessing up, Christine admits she’s just not very close to Robyn or Meri. She, however, has developed a real sisterhood/friendship with Janelle. And, she considers herself and Janelle to be exceptionally close.

Christine Brown, however, doesn’t feel that having a really strong bond with Janelle made her a good sifter wife. According to the TLC personality, she struggled pretty deeply with feelings of jealousy. While most will admit some jealousy is healthy, Christine believes she explained way more than someone in a polygamous family should have been experiencing.


As the drama unfolds, Kody Brown does what he can to push the blame off of him and shove it on Christine. Keeping it classy, Christine Brown is happy to accept some of the blame for the turn her relationship with Kody took for the worst. She, however, wishes Kody would stop being a coward. She thinks he should “man the f*ck up” and just admit he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

Sister Wives fans disagree

In the comments, Sister Wives fans wholeheartedly disagree with Christine saying she wasn’t a very good sister wife. Fans note that Christine was always there for Kody, his other wives, and his children. And, they are horrified she would even think for a minute she wasn’t a good sister wife.

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Check out the trailer where Christine opens up about not being a good sister wife on Instagram. And, let us know what you think of what she said in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest news and spoilers related to Sister Wives.

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