Kody Brown Of ‘Sister Wives’ Says He Has No Time To Play

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In the latest Sister Wives Season 17 teaser, Kody Brown tells viewers at home he has NO time for playing games. The TLC star implies his wives, especially Christine, might have time to play and have fun. He, however, can’t afford the same luxury. What did Kody have to say in this latest teaser? Keep reading for the details.

Kody Brown of Sister Wives has no time for fun

TLC dropped a teaser on Instagram yesterday. The teaser revealed Christine Brown opened up about how little Kody was there for her and their children even before the pandemic. Turns out, she could count the number of times he went on trips/vacations with her and the children on a single hand. Moreover, even going on some of the trips he still wasn’t present and involved in them.

Disagreeing with Christine Brown, Kody recalled things differently. He insisted he could remember tons of times he spent entire days at her home and with their children. Christine, however, doubled down on that NOT being true.


Defending himself to the camera during a confessional, Kody Brown explains that he doesn’t get the luxury of playing around and having fun like his wives often do. He continues to explain that he has work and a lot of responsibilities he has to attend to.

Fans react to him defending himself

In the comments of the teaser, fans were pretty quick to react to Kody Brown claiming he didn’t have time to play while suggesting that is largely what Christine and his other wives liked doing. Here’s what some fans had to say in response to what Kody said:

  • “His arguments are SO POOR.”
  • “he has the audacity to ask what Christine does everyday when she raised her kids and Janelle’s- I’m absolutely positive that Christine is busier than Kody.”
  • “He is a GASLIGHTER!!!!!!”
  • “I know he did not just say he doesn’t have time to play like she does, then take a jab at her cleaning & cooking. I’m so glad she got out. All he wants to do is embarrass her.”

The more Sister Wives fans see from these Season 17 trailers, the more they dislike Kody (if that is even possible). Fans are horrified that Kody would imply all Christine does is play and have fun. And, they think she made a wise decision when she left him.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Click here to check out the latest trailer. And, let us know what you think about it in the comments.


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