Kody Brown Implies Christine Didn’t Cook & Clean Like A Good Wife

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In an explosive new Sister Wives trailer, Kody Brown implies that Christine really wasn’t that good of a wife. The TLC patriarch implied that Christine did not fulfill her duties properly as a wife and the mother of his children when they were together. According to Kody, cooking and cleaning were not things Christine made a habit of doing.

Kody Brown implies Christine was NOT a good wife

Defending himself to the cameras during a confession, Kody Brown also threw some serious shade at his now ex-wife Christine. Kody explained that Christine wanted him to spend lots of time playing and having fun with her and the children. He, however, was a man that had four wives and a lot of children. He explained that he had tons of responsibilities and he had to work. So, he didn’t have time to good off and have fun with Christine all of the time.

While defending himself, Kody very subtly implied that Christine Brown wasn’t this perfect housewife and mother. He hinted that she didn’t do the cooking and cleaning she was expected to do for him and their children.

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Sister Wives fans flabbergasted

In the comments of this trailer, Sister Wives fans could not believe Kody Brown had the audacity to defend his actions while implying that Christine really wasn’t a very good while. Fans were quick to point out that his favorite wife Robyn had a nanny that was assisting her in doing all of the things he shaded Christine for not doing enough of on her own.

One fan penned in disgust: “I know he did not just say he doesn’t have time to play like she does, then take a jab at her cleaning & cooking. I’m so glad she got out. All he wants to do is embarrass her.”


Another fan agreed by noting that Christine did far more of these “duties” than any of his other wives: “that was just rude, especially since she was the one to stay home in Utah & watch all the children while Meri & Janelle worked!”

“absolutely does not respect his wife or the children. So happy Christine has moved on! Good Karma for her. I wish Janelle would move too!” A third fan added.

Overall, fans were horrified Kody would hint even for a second that Christine Brown was not a very good wife. And, they were elated that she got out of this toxic relationship.

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Christine Brown and Kody Brown/TLC YouTube

Click here and watch the explosive new trailer on TLC’s Instagram. Let us know what you think about Kody claiming Christine wasn’t the best wife in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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