‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Open To Dating, Wants Intimacy

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is single and ready to mingle. The TLC personality tells People Magazine she’s open to dating. She, however, wants a man that wants to be intimate with her. Sadly, it became painfully clear that Kody Brown was not meeting the physical needs of Christine Brown. The attraction seemingly fizzled out and he was not giving her the intimacy and sensual part of being married that her body craved.

At 50 years old, Christine Brown is aging like a fine wine and she’s looking for a man that is ready to give her an adventure both inside of the bedroom and outside of it. Christine put emphasis on the importance of having a chemical attraction to someone. So, it certainly sounds like she’s ready to find the love of her life. She, however, wants a man that can’t keep his paws off her!

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Christine Brown shuts down the idea of polygamy

For a while, there was a heated debate on whether Christine Brown still wanted polygamy and would look for another marriage to join. Did Christine still want sister wives? Some fans even pointed out Christine would be appealing to any family looking for another sister wife that also had an interest in being on television.

Christine Brown, however,  shut down all this conversation noting that polygamy was no longer for her. She has decided she isn’t interested in sharing a man anymore. She wants to find someone that wants to be with her and values her as the only woman he needs. Christine can’t wait to find that spark somewhere, but insists polygamy isn’t something she’ll go back to.

I want a partnership. I want a guy who actually loves me and wants to be with me intimately. The attraction needs to be there. There needs to be a mutual chemistry. But I love the idea of a romantic relationship, eventually. Adventurous would be great. Someone who just wants to try new things because now I’m into trying new things all the time. I just want to have fun all the time.”

She continued: “I will be a monogamist from here on out. Polygamy is not for me anymore. People can do it, it’s fine. Live your life, but no, no, not me.”

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Is she actively dating?

Christine Brown admits she isn’t running out and joining dating websites or hitting the club. She likes the idea of thinking about dating and finding a man to love her in the future. Right now, however, she’s enjoying how easy and fun not being married to Kody has been.

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