The Real Reason Robyn Brown Wants Sister Wives?

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Over the past few years, it appears that Robyn Brown only wants Kody for herself. Their relationship seems quite monogamous despite her claiming she only wants polygamy. So, with all of the favoritism aimed at her and her children, why would she still want sister wives? Fans think they have the answer nailed down.

Why Robyn Brown Likes Sister Wives

Honestly, Robyn gets all of the attention from her husband Kody. Though she is the fourth wife, she is actually the only legal one. Plus, she is referred to as the “obedient” wife which was what former third wife Christine used to be. In fact, that was what was so appealing about Christine for many years. It would seem Robyn might want Meri and Janelle to follow Christine out of the family so she could be the queen bee. Yet, she keeps pushing for the family to stay together but why? Reddit users have started a thread sharing their thoughts as to why:

Robyn Brown/YouTube
Meri, Robyn
  • “Because prancing around as the favored celestial wife appeals to her.”
  • “I think she loves being the only one who has Kody’s ear for sure but she also definitely wants/needs Meri & Janelle’s money so she can continue sleeping till noon & shopping at VS while a nanny takes care of her kids after the show paychecks end.”
  • “She cares so much because she’s terrified Kody will bring in another wife. The original 3 are zero threat to her- but a new younger wife would absolutely destroy her. She’s desperate to keep things the same.”
  • “You can’t be “the favorite”, the youngest, or the newest if you’re the only one.”

Does this make sense?

The Only Way To Truly Be Number 1?

It appears that Robyn Brown needs her sister wives. They allow her validation and to always be Kody’s favorite. Without Meri and Janelle, who would she have to compete with? It was hard enough to lose Christine. Robyn has definitely not been a favorite whatsoever. She has caught a lot of heat for never working but always needing a nanny. Then, during the pandemic, her home was the only one where Kody stayed. His kids with other wives started to blame her for the distance and extreme rules.

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Though she maintains she has always wanted polygamy and could have had a monogamous relationship, that was not what she wanted. Yet, third wife Christine left last year. Kody has openly said he only looks at his first wife, Meri as just a friend. Plus, she is always traveling for work or with friends. Finally, Janelle is constantly visiting her daughter and grandkids in North Carolina or adventuring with Christine. So, the family is not so whole.

Why do you think Robyn Brown feels the need for sister wives? Let us know and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives September 11 on TLC.

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