Christine Brown Tells Kody He Was Nothing But Pain For Her

Christine Brown from TLC

Christine Brown went through a breakup in the past year and she seems much happier these days. However, Sister Wives viewers know they’re about to see the heartbreak and pain play out onscreen when Season 17 premieres.

In a newly released teaser, Christine confronts her ex and tells him how much pain he caused her over the years. And if Sister Wives fans know Kody Brown, they know he won’t take those accusations lying down.

So how did the family patriarch react when Christine made her feelings clear? Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Christine Brown calls Kody out for treating her badly over the years

Onscreen, the Browns weren’t always so unhappy. In fact, it seemed like things were going all right in the first season. But Kody Brown’s plans to expand the family and relocate multiple times really through a wrench in things. Over time, it became clear that Christine wasn’t at all happy living a polygamous lifestyle.

Christine Brown Struggled With Kody Brown Marriage [Credit: YouTube]
Christine Brown/TLC
The Brown family publically admitted that Christine Brown left the family late last fall. But now, Sister Wives fans will get a chance to see it all unfold onscreen. Season 17 is definitely going to be a dramatic one.

The official TLC Instagram account released a new clip that gave viewers a glimpse into the drama to come. Christine and Kody sit opposite each other at a table. The hostility and tension are incredibly strong.

Right off the bat, Christine begins the clip by telling Kody how much pain their marriage caused her. She says she went above and beyond to make Kody want to spend time with her, but it was never enough. The family patriarch snaps back and says that Christine never showed any kindness or respect to her sister wives and it pushed him away.

The scene then jumps to Kody’s talking head where he says Christine was always a bad mother to Robyn’s kids. She loved Janelle and Meri’s kids, but he doesn’t believe she ever accepted Robyn into the family.

Kody claims he doesn’t have a favorite wife, but fans can clearly see that it’s Robyn. Through the years, Robyn’s presence in the family really put a damper on Kody’s marriages with the other wives, including his marriage to Christine.

The Browns truly begin to break down

Seasoned Sister Wives viewers know that Kody and Christine Brown have had hiccups in their marriage for quite some time. And Robyn isn’t always to blame for those issues.

Kody Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives/TLC

Fans have seen Kody Brown repeatedly gaslight his wives and dismiss their feelings. That would definitely take a heavy emotional toll on anyone over time. Viewers are just happy that Christine finally managed to get away. She really seems much happier these days.

Sister Wives Season 17 comes to TLC on September 11. Stay tuned for more.

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