Kody Brown Accuses Christine Of Ignoring Robyn’s Kids

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Kody Brown’s failed marriage to his third wife Christine will be the main focus of this season of Sister Wives. From the clips thus far, it seems he is desperate to prove he did not throw her away. However, it does appear that the father of eighteen may be grasping at straws to make his point. Christine has all of the reasons in the world to want to get out but Kody has one more jab to throw at her. Did she not make enough of an effort when it came to a sister wife’s children?

Kody Brown Claims Christine Ignored Robyn’s Children

When Robyn joined the Brown family as the fourth wife, she brought with her three kids from a previous marriage. Then, she added two more after she and Kody tied the knot. It was clear from both the fans and the family that Kody favored Robyn and her children. However, it was always disputed. The one wife that was always incredibly close to Robyn and her kids was first wife, Meri. When the pandemic hit, she was dying inside just to be able to see them.

Kody Brown/TLC/Sister Wives


Now, in a TLC preview for Season 17, Kody and Christine are having a candid conversation. She maintains that she has done everything she could to be what he needed. Yet, Kody feels she did not treat her sister wives with kindness. In his confessional, he notes that she was over polygamy but when she was involved, she was great at mothering Janelle’s children. However, in his opinion, she was never there for Robyn’s children. To be fair, there was a two-year time frame where no one was allowed around those children. Is this just another excuse?

Excuses Are All He’s Got

When the pandemic hit, Kody Brown made very strict rules about who could do what and where they could go. For him, he was the only one rotating homes. It seemed he solely ended up at Robyn’s as she and her kids were the safest. When Christine tried to make an effort to get her children to see Robyn’s family, it was dismissed. Yet, she quickly learned that Robyn had a nanny so she did not need extra familial help. That is where she broke the rules of a plural family.

Christine Brown/TLC/Sister Wives

The wives are supposed to be there for one another yet Robyn was the only one to opt for a nanny for several years despite not working. She did not really allow the wives to help her out and even Meri, who was safe, had to beg to see the kids. Christine confronted Kody about their deep-rooted issues and there were a lot. She knew that he was not attracted to her, wanted no intimacy, and had been on different pages for a long time. It seems he just cannot accept the hard truth so he will keep throwing new things into it.

Do you think Kody Brown has a solid argument when it comes to Robyn’s children or is it another excuse? Let us know in the comments and watch the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives September 11 on TLC.


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