Kody Brown Won’t Play Games With His Catty Wives

Kody Brown - Youtube

Sister Wives star Kody Brown says he isn’t interested in playing games with his catty wives. As TvShowsAce previously reported, US Weekly dropped an exclusive teaser ahead of the Season 17 Premiere. The teaser featured a heated exchange between Robyn and Kody Brown. Within the teaser, Robyn Brown revealed the shocking stance she has taken on Kody and Christine’s divorce. Robyn Brown also realized her plural marriage with Kody isn’t exactly fair for her or her sister wives.

Kody Brown - Youtube


After getting in a heated exchange, the tease also features both Robyn and Kody in confessionals with the camera. During Kody’s confessional, he apologizes if what he’s about to say sounds sexist. He, however, doesn’t understand why “the man” in a relationship always ends up riding the couch after a fight. Kody Brown points out that his bedroom is just as much his as it is his wife’s. So, he questions why everyone’s default is always for “the man” to take the couch. Why couldn’t Christine sleep on the couch during some of their fights?

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Kody Brown says he refuses to play games with his wives

Kody Brown explains that Christine kicking him out of the bedroom and wanting him to sleep on the couch was not really new territory for him. Turns out, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle have all taken turns trying to boot him from the bedroom and the house. From Kody’s point of view, he says it feels like his wives are trying to play some sort of catty and manipulative game with him. They get upset when something doesn’t go exactly their way and they take it out on him by booting him. Kody, however, admits that he refuses to play games with his wives.

Kody Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Youtube

Kody Brown says he considers sleeping on the couch to be a “walk of shame” and he refuses to play games with his wives.

Robyn Brown believes her husband made a mistake. She thinks he should have stayed and found a way to make things work with Christine. Fans wonder if Christine may have actually done damage to Kody’s relationship with Robyn as she left him because Robyn’s eyes are now open wide to the kind of man he really is and the kind of unfair marriage she’s really in.

Are Kody Brown’s wives catty when they don’t get their way? Or, is it Kody Brown that refuses to ever be wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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