Kody Brown Believes Him Being Booted To The Couch Is Sexist

Kody Brown - Youtube

During a confessional in an exclusive preview of Sister Wives Season 17, Kody Brown tells the camera he isn’t trying to be sexist in the statement he is about to make. He, however, feels that it is a bit sexist that when a couple gets in a fight it is always the man in the couple that has to sleep on the couch. Kody notes that the bedroom and the bed belong to both the man and the wife. So, he has a hard time wrapping his mind around why HE has to sleep on the couch when there is a disagreement.

Kody Brown - Youtube

Kody Brown says he won’t sleep on the couch

The TLC personality admits that he believes sleeping on the couch is the equivalent of a “walk of shame.” Kody Brown puts his foot down on this matter and makes it clear he isn’t interested in sleeping on the couch. Instead of sleeping on the couch and working out his issues with his wife, Kody books it for another house and a different wife.

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Robyn Brown admitted the situation opened her eyes to the fact that her marriage favors Kody as he always has the option of running from his problems to another household. With Christine, however, she didn’t have that luxury. Robyn Brown realize that Kody’s wives didn’t get to run to another house with someone else to talk to the same way Kody did.

Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

All of his wives have threatened him

Kody Brown admits that all of his wives (including his ex-wife Christine) have had their fair share of moments where they’ve threatened to kick him out of the house. He, however, feels that kicking him out of the house is a game for his wives. He sees it as a tool to manipulate the situation. Putting it bluntly, Kody Brown tells the cameras that he will not sleep on the couch and will not play games with his wives regarding being kicked out.

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Talking to Robyn, Kody Brown takes a clueless victim approach to what’s happening with Christine. He insists that Christine refuses to talk to him and he has no idea what’s going on.

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Do you agree with what Kody Brown has to say about sleeping on the couch? Why is it the man that always ends up in that position? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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