Robyn Brown Says Her Plural Marriage Is ‘Unfair’ To The Wives

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As the divorce between Christine and Kody unfolds, Robyn Brown comes to the realization that her plural marriage isn’t really fair to her or Kody’s other wives. US Weekly dropped an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming Season 17. In the preview, Robyn takes what fans consider to be a shocking stance amid the drama. Getting into a heated exchange with Kody, Robyn insists that he needs to go back to Christine and fix the situation. Robyn insists that if that means sleeping on a couch or setting up a cot, he needs to suck it up and make it work.

Sitting on the couch of what is presumably her home discussing the faults in Kody and Christine’s marriage, Robyn Brown made a realization. She realized her plural marriage favors Kody and wasn’t exactly fair to her or the other wives.

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Robyn Brown says her marriage favors Kody

As things get heated between Christine and Kody, Robyn Brown realizes how unfair the situation really is for Christine. Robyn Brown points out that when Kody gets in a fight with her, Janelle, Meri, or Christine, he had the opportunity to just leave and go to another house. He could run from a fight and get in bed with a different wife. Moreover, after getting into a fight with Christine, Kody Brown was able to go to Robyn’s house and talk out his feelings with her.

At that moment, Robyn Brown admits her heart was a bit broken for Christine. She realized that Christine (or any of Kody’s wives for that matter) didn’t have the same luxury of running away and having someone else to talk to about their feelings.

Robyn Brown - Youtube

Kody Brown supports what she says

Speaking to the camera during his confessional, Kody Brown more or less proves what Robyn says about plural marriage. He insists that sleeping on the couch is simply something he won’t do. It’s a game he refuses to play. At the time, this was a man that has four wives and four different beds he could go sleep in. So, sleeping on the couch just wasn’t something he felt like he had to do. Kody considered it to be “the walk of shame” and he refused to entertain it.

Is Robyn Brown right that this plural marriage is unfair for Kody’s wives? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives.

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