Christine Brown Fractures Kody & Robyn’s Bond Amid Leaving

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube

Christine Brown appears to have fractured Kody’s bond with his favorite wife Robyn on her way out the door. US Weekly just dropped an exclusive preview of the upcoming new season of Sister Wives. The video clip featured Robyn and Kody Brown getting into a heated exchange as he updated her on the current situation with him and Christine.

Robyn Brown shocked everyone when she seemingly turned up her nose at her husband Kody in disgust of how he was handling the situation with Christine.

As fans know, Christine Brown is long gone. She and Kody Brown split up about a year ago. Christine Brown moved back to Utah and she’s been very happy living a free and easy life. While she pictures a future of dating someone that loves and wants to be intimate with her, she knows that isn’t in her immediate future because her youngest daughter Truely is a bit uncomfortable with the idea.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown – Youtube

Season 17 of Sister Wives will give fans a front-row seat at how the drama unfolded between Christine and Kody as she made the decision to kick him out and leave him. While this is a year in the past from reality, this recent teaser reveals that Christine may have done some damage to Kody’s precious relationship with his favorite wife on her way out the door.

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Did Christine Brown fracture Kody and Robyn’s bond?

After Robyn Brown packs Kody’s things up and tosses them out of the house, it becomes clear to him that things are not going to improve between him and his third wife. Rather than sticking around and trying to talk to her, Kody runs for Robyn’s house. He sits down and tells her what’s been happening. Robyn Brown makes it crystal clear she’s disgusted with him and believes he should have found a way to stay and figure it out. Robyn Brown believes Kody should have slept on the couch, in the garage, or possibly even in the yard to make sure it was clear to Christine that he wanted to figure things out.

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Robyn firmly believes Kody told Christine all she needed to know about how much he valued her when he refused to even try to fix the situation.

She described the situation as “bullcrap” and insisted he didn’t even try. Sister Wives fans are a bit surprised to see Robyn taking a stance that isn’t in full support of Kody Brown. In fact, some fans believe Christine and Kody’s divorce may have actually fractured his relationship with Robyn. At the very least, it opened Robyn’s eyes to her marriage favoring her husband and not his wives.

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