Did Robyn Brown Even Try To Build Relationship With Christine?

Christine and Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

For many seasons now, Sister Wives fans noticed that Robyn Brown just doesn’t quite fit in with the other women. She’s very focused on Kody’s needs, which means her dynamic with the other wives is always a bit off.

Fans already know that Christine left the family nearly a year ago. It’s clear she and Kody weren’t happy in their marriage any longer, but there was likely more to the story than that. Christine and Robyn never really seemed to click with one another. Did the women even try to build a connection?

Is Robyn Brown being truthful in new trailers?

Living in a plural family is bound to cause problems at some point or another. Although Kody adamantly claims he doesn’t have a favorite wife, fans strongly believe that Robyn holds that title.

In teasers for the new season, Robyn claims that she never wanted the family to break apart. But is that really true? Many fans online believe that Robyn never really tried to forge a relationship with Christine. Others even believe that Robyn tried to squeeze Christine out of the family. 

Sister Wives from TLC
Christine & Robyn Brown/TLC

“What did Robyn ever do?” one Redditor asked recently. “So, the narrative between Kody and Robyn is that Christine never tried to build a relationship with Robyn and was mean to Robyn, etc. My question is- what the hell did Robyn ever do to build a relationship with Christine? All I’ve seen is passive aggressive comments and actions from Robyn. And when Christine did try to reach out, it felt like Robyn didn’t even really acknowledge it. I don’t think Robyn was ever interested in having a relationship with Christine and never really tried.”

Several other Redditors replied that Robyn’s job is to show up and cry.

Robyn Brown/TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“Sometimes she doesn’t even show up,” someone else pointed out. “Remember the marriage [counseling] weekend with Nancy when she was nauseous? Remember when Meri broke her ankle and she couldn’t call to help her because the kids were sick, but she [managed] a date with Kody that night? That was when vulnerable King Sol had RSV.”

The Brown family slowly crumbles as the Season 17 premiere date looms

Sister Wives fans routinely dissect Robyn’s behavior and discuss whether or not she’s really interested in having sister wives at all. She only seems to dote on Kody and her own children. In fact, fans previously pointed out incidents where she struggles to show the other children any affection whatsoever.

The polygamist lifestyle is an important component of the Brown family’s religion. Even after all this time, Robyn remains strictly devoted to her faith. She may not like the idea of sharing her husband with other wives, but she keeps doing it anyway.

Check back to see what’s new with the Brown family. As the Season 17 premiere date approaches, there will be many more updates to share. Stay tuned for more.

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