Emotional Robyn Brown ‘Doesn’t Recognize’ Her Family Anymore

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An emotional Robyn Brown says she doesn’t recognize her family anymore in the latest Sister Wives Season 17 teaser. While fans believe Christine leaving is exactly what Robyn Brown wanted, she claims she’s “heartbroken” as her family falls apart. Clinging to Meri, Robyn is desperate to hold on to the sister wives she still has. What does Robyn really want? Check out the teaser down below.

Robyn Brown clings to Meri during split

As it becomes more and more clear that Christine Brown has decided to leave the family, Robyn Brown quickly clings to Meri. She tells Meri they have to do what they can to keep the rest of the family intact. Robyn Brown had previously admitted that if she wanted a monogamous relationship, she could have done so much better than Kody. She, however, settled for Kody Brown because she wanted sister wives. And, marrying Kody was the best way to make that happen.

Robyn Brown with Kody and Christine

Gets emotional as family changes

An intense¬†Sister Wives¬†Season 17 teaser continues to highlight to focus of the new season is on Christine and Kody splitting up. The teaser, however, does feature Meri, Janelle, and Robyn chiming in on the chaos. Robyn Brown quickly becomes emotional as she admits she doesn’t recognize her family amid the chaos. During the Tell-All, it was clear that Robyn faulted Christine for her decision to leave Kody. Robyn just didn’t think Christine fought hard enough or tried to make the relationship work before giving up.

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Meri, Robyn

In the teaser, Robyn Brown notes that she doesn’t recognize her family right now. In the comments of the teaser, fans admit they are disgusted Robyn is even chiming in as the split has little to do with her. Moreover, many fans still believe Robyn is one key reason why Christine walked away. When Christine married Kody, she believed she would be his third and final wife. Christine was supposed to be the hot wife and the favorite wife. Robyn, however, wormed her way into that spot. And, fans believe Christine never recovered from that.

Check out the teaser that TLC just dropped down below:

Do you believe Robyn Brown wants Kody all to herself? Or, do you think Robyn actually wants to have sister wives? Chime in in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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