‘SW’ Season 17: Kody & Robyn Brown’s Drama Over The Top

Robyn Brown/TLC

Sister Wives fans did not really know what to expect from Kody and Robyn Brown in Season 17. Their relationship has pretty much taken a monogamous turn. However, they maintain that they are committed to the plural lifestyle. Yet, the full preview for the upcoming season, premiering next month, tells a different story. What drama is ensuing between the two? Maybe too much time together was not the best idea.

Robyn Brown: The Solution And The Problem

Kody’s wives saw that he was acting off and felt that there was only one solution. It was time for him to court a new wife. After all, he had not courted someone since Christine in 1994. That was sixteen years and many children later. He was out with his first and only legal wife Meri when they spotted Robyn. It was Meri who encouraged her husband to ask the young woman to dance and now, twelve years later, they have five kids and are seemingly stable. Yet, the biggest problem was Kody fell so hard for his new, young bride that it was as if the rest of the family didn’t exist.

Robyn Brown/TLC

His kids noticed the favoritism he showed toward Robyn and her three kids from a previous marriage. The wives had a rotation that had gone awry due to the shiny new toy. Second wife Janelle always had a stable job or career and eventually, Meri and Christine jumped on the bandwagon. Yes, Robyn created a family business called My Sisterwife’s Closet in which Meri primarily helped. Yet, when she wanted to go back to school, Robyn felt slighted. Then, the pandemic hit shortly after the whole family relocated to Flagstaff.

Kody Brown/TLC

To Kody, Janelle and Christine were not following his strict protocols and he was not really in touch with Meri. Robyn was the only one who followed all of the rules to the point where Kody’s kids blamed her for his distance. It became clear that the woman who was brought in to help save the family has actually become the downfall.

Too Much Drama To Handle

Season 17 of Sister Wives looked like it was going to have one focus. Third wife Christine had not only decided to end her marriage to Kody but also move to Utah. However, in a clip from TLC, it seems that there is so much more to unpack and it has to do with Kody and Robyn Brown. Last season, Robyn confided in second wife Janelle that she did not want a monogamous relationship. She could have had that but she chose this lifestyle. Yet, Kody felt the safest being at home so it was like being monogamous once again.

Robyn Brown/TLC

In the Season 17 trailer, Robyn admits she just has to stay of out the Kody/Christine situation. She also shares that she would never do anything to the family to hurt it. Ultimately, Robyn just wishes people would see that. She also wants to build back up as she tells Meri. Kody seems to feel like he has given his all but it is just not enough. Where will this family land and who will pay the price? Can Robyn and Kody survive this mess they seemed to have somehow created together?

Find out when Season 17 of Sister Wives premieres September 11 on TLC.

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