‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Also Tried Kicking Kody Out?

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Sister Wives were shocked to learn that Robyn Brown has also taken a stab at kicking Kody out of her home. Fans of the TLC family have believed for a very long time that Robyn swooped into this family hoping to keep Kody all to herself. Fans believe Robyn seems to take issue with Kody doing anything that isn’t for her benefit or the benefit of her children.

Kody and Christine Brown’s divorce, however, is shining a new light on Robyn. More importantly, it seems to be opening her eyes a bit in realizing who she really married.

Robyn Brown - Youtube

Kody Brown reveals Robyn has tried kicking him out

Fans assume Kody and Robyn Brown have a perfect and loving relationship. Most believe the couple only disagrees when he brings his other wives into the conversation. Turns out, however, that Robyn gets just as annoyed with Kody as his other wives. While it sounded like she didn’t do it as often, Kody admitted that Robyn Brown has tried to kick him out of the house a few times. Christine, however, is the only one that has gone as far as packing his bags and telling him he isn’t welcome to be in her bedroom or to sleep on her couch.

Christine Brown explained in a different exclusive that she considers her bedroom to be a special and sacred place. Kody just reached a point where he was no longer welcomed in her sacred space. In fact, he really wasn’t welcomed in her house at all.

Kody Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Youtube

He won’t sleep on couches and won’t play games

During his confessional, Kody Brown tells the cameras he feels like his wives are playing games when they threaten to boot him from the house. Moreover, he’s far too proud to sleep on a couch. He considers it to be sexist because there is never a point in time where they get in a fight and the wife ends up on the couch. It is always the man in the relationship. Moreover, Kody described riding the couch as a “walk of shame” in a marriage and he’s unwilling to go on that walk.

Kody Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Youtube

Are you surprised to know that Robyn Brown has tried to kick Kody out of the house a few times now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on Sister Wives.

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