‘Sister Wives’: How Exactly Did Kody Brown Meet Each Wife?

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Sister Wives fans have seen the dramatic highs and lows of the Brown family. They watched Robyn come into the family. Similarly, they watched as Meri was almost booted after her catfishing incident. As Season 17 nears, viewers will get to witness third wife, Christine’s official departure from the plural family. Yet how exactly did Kody Brown meet each one of his wives? They are all somehow intertwined but how so? Read on for the complete breakdown of how the family came together.

How Sister Wives Started: Kody Meets Meri

When the series first began in 2010, Meri and Kody seemed quite happy. She was his first and only legal wife which she seemed to take pride in. They had something special, and, at that point, the duo had been married since 1990. Yet, how exactly did they come together as one? According to Entertainment Tonight, they were introduced through Kody’s sister at church. Meri had grown up in the church whereas Kody and his father came in at a later time. They were both taken with one another and Meri recalls Kody being chatty and very engaging.

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Meri Brown

In their book Becoming Sister Wives, Kody talked sweetly of his first wife: “Meri was so cute and sweet when I met her that I had a hard time suppressing my hopelessly romantic nature. She had a remarkable purity about her. I had a sneaking suspicion that we were soulmates.” As with most polygamists who are courting, they did not even kiss until they were legally husband and wife. Of course, there was no doubt that they would take on sister wives. Meri was raised in a polygamist family having been one of twenty-seven children. Enter Janelle.

Meeting Mrs. Brown, The Second

Three years after Kody and Meri tied the knot, it was time to bring in a new wife. Interestingly enough, she had actually already been a part of the family through marriage. Janelle had previously been married to Meri’s brother, Adam. Unfortunately, the union did not last and the two divorced. Though Adam did not care to live his family’s religious values, Janelle was quite interested in it. With Kody, everything just clicked and she knew that was where she needed to be.

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Janelle Brown

Admittedly, they clicked through their “spirituality and intellectual compatibility” but Kody claims he found Janelle very attractive. Maybe it was because they knew each other but their courtship was remarkably short. Kody and Janelle went on just one date. Then, they were married two weeks later in 1993. It makes sense since they probably spent time together as a family prior to dating so they knew each other well enough. One year later, it was time to take on a third wife. Here comes a bride named Christine. How did they meet? Was it love at first sight?

Sister Wives Adds On Christine

A year after Kody wed Janelle, it was time to take on a third wife. Christine was introduced to Kody and Meri when they were newly married. She was still a teenager and it was her sister who connected the three. Apparently, there was actually another person that the Browns were courting. Christine had some jealousies toward this person and it made her take a step back from the family. Luckily for Christine, the courtship with this woman fell through. Some personal issues helped to reconnect her with Kody and they started to pursue a relationship once again.

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Christine Brown

He liked her free-spirited nature though there was one turn-off that has stood out to fans for years. Kody noted a time when they stopped somewhere and Christine got nachos. He openly admitted that watching her eat these nachos was a complete turnoff. Still, her sweet demeanor led them to wed six weeks after the courtship began. Kody acknowledges that she brought a sense of peace to the home but it was not until a year in that they fully fell in love. Sadly, in 2021, they announced that their marriage was over.

The Final Wife

When Sister Wives premiered, all of the wives were introduced. Yet there was one elephant in the room. Kody and his three ladies chatted about this big announcement they were making. He had been courting a woman named Robyn. She lived five hours away and apparently, they had met through Meri. Kody and Meri were at an event and they saw Robyn. She encouraged her husband to ask Robyn to dance he did. At least that is what they said on the show. Is that completely accurate? Kind of.

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Robyn Brown

Apparently, they first saw each other at Robyn’s cousin’s church. For whatever reason, Kody was visiting wherever this church was and they caught each other’s eyes. It was known in the Brown household that a fourth wife might be just what was needed to satisfy something inside of Kody. At the time of the first meeting, Robyn was involved in her divorce so she befriended Meri, and then, the rest of the story plays out as they recalled. They courted for six months but broke the rules by kissing prior to getting married.

Sister Wives Wrap-Up

So, this is how Kody met each one of his wives. Sadly, the only one he seems to still have a stable relationship with is his fourth wife, Robyn. She is also his only legal wife now. As some may recall, Meri divorced him in 2014 so that he could adopt Robyn’s three children from her first marriage. Though it appears the catfishing incident was what killed Kody and Meri, he claims that it was just the nail in the coffin. Yes, she still tries on camera but the two have not been intimate in over a decade.

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Meri, Christine, Kody, Janelle, Robyn

Kody openly admits that he and Janelle are not in love with one another. Furthermore, Christine has said that Janelle does not need a man to fill her tank. She is a successful grandmother of two and is always traveling so it is clear she can do as she pleases. No longer does she have to listen to what Kody needs or wants. As for Christine, she realized she would not settle for less than she deserved and left the family. Now back in Utah, she is the happiest she has ever been. She works hard, plays harder, and enjoys the fruits of her labor but will not return to polygamy.

Kody is left with Robyn, some angry children, and wives who will do as they please. He does often question plural marriage but he never truly leaves. It will be interesting to see how Season 17 plays out. Watch it when the show returns September 11 to TLC. By the way, did any of the ways Kody met his wives surprise you, or did you already know? Let us know in the comments below.

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