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Jesse Metcalfe Update On Hallmark’s ‘Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries’

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Jesse Metcalfe was recently at Christmas Con talking about Christmas movies for the throngs of adoring fans. However, that does not mean he did not talk about his Hallmark Signature Mystery, Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.

What is his latest update on the stalled mystery series?

Jesse Metcalfe On Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries ‘It’s Not My Call’

Who knew that Christmas Con Pasadena was going to be rife with Hallmark mystery news? When Rachel from the Hallmarkies Podcast spoke to Jesse Metcalfe, they discussed Chesapeake Shores, A Country Wedding, and Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries.

Sleuthers want to know what is happening with this series. It has been over 15 months since the last installment. What does Jesse have to say about the series?

“I thought those mysteries, the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries, were really well crafted. They weren’t obvious to figure out. You know, they’re a little bit more complicated. They’re a little more gritty. There was a little more action.”

He then went on to discuss working with Sarah Lind, his co-star.

“I absolutely loved playing opposite Sarah Lind. I think she’s a really talented actor. Again, I thought we had a great repartee and great chemistry.”

Next, Jesse shared whether there would be more in this series. Moreover, he revealed how much this series meant to him.

“I don’t know if Hallmark is doing anymore. You know that hurts my heart because that was really my baby. And, you know they allowed me to be an executive producer. So, I was involved in every aspect of the production of those movies, and I was just incredibly proud of them.”

Lastly, he revealed that making more mysteries was “not my call.”

“I’d love to come back and make some more, but you know, it’s not my call.”

However, there is something he did not say.

Photo: Jesse Metcalfe HallmarkCredit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Luba Popovic
Photo: Jesse Metcalfe HallmarkCredit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Luba Popovic

Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries Have Not Been Canceled

Jesse Metcalfe discussed the future of Hallmark’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. While he discussed how much he enjoyed working on them, working with Sarah Lind, and that this was a personal project, he did not say that they were canceled.

Why is this important?

That is because some of the Hallmark mystery movie stars have been told that their mysteries were axed. That includes Alexa PenaVega and the Picture Perfect Mysteries, Danica McKellar and the Matchmaker Mysteries, and Kellie Martin and the Hailey Dean Mysteries.

When Candace Cameron Bure left Hallmark for GAC, Hallmark announced on social media that they did not have any plans to make any new Aurora Teagarden Mysteries.

Over a year ago, Dylan Neal indicated on his social media that he is developing another non-Hallmark mystery series. Therefore, another Gourmet Detective doesn’t seem to be on the cards.

Lastly, at the beginning of the college admissions scandal, Hallmark fired Lori Loughlin and removed all of her content from the network. However, this summer, Garage Sale Mysteries have been quietly added to Hallmark Now streaming.

On the other hand, Kristoffer Polaha said at Christmas Con that they want to make another Mystery 101 movie. He included the names of some Hallmark Media executives who he had spoken to before letting fans know. They need a few things to work out, such as timing and getting the right movie out there.

Hopefully, Hallmark will also consider making more Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries. They have not axed it, therefore there is still a chance.

Would you like to see more of Jesse Metcalfe’s Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries?

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  1. Please bring back Jesse Metcalf and the Martha Vineyard’s Mysteries. It is one of the best series you have. I am not young but not so old that I don’t appreciate great acting.

  2. Don’t take Jesse Metcalfe away. Every time you start a series like this you never let them stay in til the end.
    Television isn’t the same anymore. All they have are the horrible reality shows ( which I think they suck ..I mean really bad). So leave some shows on there that don’t curse etc you get what I mean. There is no family shows
    Think about family 👍👍

  3. Hallmark seems determined to make
    Big changes when none are needed. They introduce new, more expensive series to be more mainstream, when viewers liked it bc it wasn’t mainstream. Loved this mystery series but if they continue to ignore their original viewers, in an attempt to appeal to a broader base, then this viewer will be one to say buh-bye for good. I rarely watch now bc of their determination to push an agenda…..

  4. Please more Martha’s Vineyards Mysteries. They are thought provoking. Not your typical piece of fluff. Love Jessie Metcalfe. Seems to have good chemistry with the cast

  5. Hallmark Exec’s, let me tell you all something we like all the mystery shows period!!! So please get all of these actors and actresses under contract and get them rolling!!!!! They make you darn good money so quit with the nonsense!! I do not know who is selling you people with a bad bunch of baloney but they are! Thank-You

  6. I enjoyed watching the Hallmark mysteries and now it seems like the Hallmark channel is going in a different direction and most of the mystery series have disappeared. I won’t be watching Hallmark anymore.

  7. All I can say is there needs to be more of the Jesse Metcalfe Martha’s Vineyard series & not to mention the Murder Mystery 101, with Kristopher Polaha. More mystery & less romance movies. Kind of tired of so many of those. Hallmark Mystery network needs to listen to the masses, More people like the mystery shows. You can see the other movies on the other Hallmark networks.

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