Discovery Announces ‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 20: Jake Anderson Is Back On The Northwestern!

Deadliest Catch Jake Anderson - YouTube

Deadliest Catch Season 20 is premiering on the Discovery Channel soon. This milestone season will showcase a lot of fan-favorite captains, and a reunion of sorts. Jake Anderson is headed back to the F/V Northwestern! What else has the network shared about this harrowing season?

Here are all the details including all the of the boats returning, the premiere date, and some of the drama Discovery fans will get to see.

Captain Sig Hansen [Discovery UK | YouTube]
[Discovery UK | YouTube]

Deadliest Catch Season 20 Is Milestone Season

On Monday, Discovery announced the premiere of the Deadliest Catch Season 20. According to The Futon Critic, this season opens with a big surprise. The Red King Crab fishery has reopened. What is a bigger surprise is that they are going to return to the derby-style race. This means the captains are going to be working against time, and using every trick in the book to get their haul.

Adding to the danger is the El Niño weather. This means that the storms are stronger and more dangerous. That means when the captains are watching the clock to get to the crab, they have to still keep their crew safe. That is a difficult balance that makes for drama. This is the most dangerous job in the world, and the fans always return. 

Howard Lee, the President of Discovery Networks declared, “Deadliest Catch is the gold standard for unscripted series, paving the way for an entire genre of television that highlights everyday working heroes.”

Johnathan Hillstrand, Time Bandit, Deadliest Catch-
Johnathan Hillstrand, Time Bandit, Deadliest Catch

Who Is Returning For The Upcoming Season?

Besides Jake Anderson, who is returning for Deadliest Catch Season 20? Firstly, Captain Sig is back. Sig Hansen is returning, and sharing his wisdom with the viewers in the preview. Next, Captain Johnathan is back. Johnathan Hillstrand is unretired again. He has returned because he wants to fish Rd King Crab.

Next, Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski has returned. At the end of Season 19, he got a cancer diagnosis. Fans have been concerned about him. This season should provide the update fans need on his health, as well as an opportunity for this seasoned captain to make a few more milestones.

Captain Keith Colburn has a lot happening on the F/V Wizard. He may wish for the days when his biggest issue was a bad greenhorn. Sophia “Bob” Nielsen, Captain Steve Harley Davidson, and Jack Bunnell are all back. Lastly, Jacob Hutchins is determined to sit in that captain’s chair on the F/V Aleutian Lady. But, what does Captain Rick Shelford think of that?

When Is The Premiere Of The Deadliest Catch Season 20?

The two-hour premiere of the Deadliest Catch Season 20 is on Tuesday, June 11, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Discovery Channel.

Deadliest Catch fans, which story are you most looking forward to the upcoming season?

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  1. There is no mention of the Harris boat. I find that very disturbing not to include Cornelia Marie. Are they okay?

  2. There was a story about how Josh sexually abused a girl under the age of 5 back in the late 90s that the discovery channel claims they had no knowledge of until like 2 years ago. As with Edgar Hansen that they won’t show on camera anymore the same has been done with Josh Harris now so you will likely never see The Cornelia Marie on the show ever again.

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