‘Deadliest Catch’: Sig Hansen Officiated Jake Anderson’s Wedding

Sig Hansen & Jake Anderson [Discovery UK | YouTube]

Deadliest Catch star Sig Hansen officiated Jake Anderson’s wedding. The reason why fans love watching the Discovery Channel series is mainly because of the massive fishing vessels. The crew catch crabs in rough waters. This dangerous job causes tension on and off the high seas.

It also comes with a lot of love. There’s no doubt that this crew has a lot of respect for one another. The show started with its OG captains, Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson, who have a deep bond. Jake used to work for Sig’s crew until he study to become a captain. He looks up to Sig and sees him like a father.

So, Sig wanted to do something special for Jake. The Deadliest Catch OG star wanted to officiate his wedding. Keep reading on to learn the details.

Captain Sig Hansen [Discovery UK | YouTube]
[Discovery UK | YouTube]

Jake Anderson faced many setbacks

The Deadliest Catch crew member has been through his share of setbacks. He mourned the death of his father and sister. Both events happened when he worked on Sig Hansen’s F/V Northwestern ship. This didn’t bode well for Jake’s struggles with addiction.

His life hasn’t always been bad. Jake married Jenna in 2012 at a festival in Seattle. He recalls meeting her during that same festival, which is the reason why they got married there. Jake noticed a woman walking off a boat with her family. They wanted autographs from the cast of Deadliest Catch.

Captain Jake Anderson [Discovery UK | YouTube]
[Discovery UK | YouTube]
However, Jake couldn’t take his eyes off Jenna. He wrote in his autograph, “You’re beautiful,” per Looper.com. Jenna’s nieces encouraged her to give Jake her number. The two started talking and they developed a long-term relationship. The couple shares three sons: Aiden, Cadence, and Luka.

Their wedding took place when Sig and Jake were still close. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. Their relationship took a dive over the years. Jake was still working on the F/V Northwestern. Sig wanted to act as officiant of Jake and Jenna’s wedding.

How the Deadliest Catch wedding happened

Many of the castmates were in attendance. Most of the photos have disappeared from the internet. There’s only a video that shows some footage from the wedding. Fans were able to catch the ceremony in Deadliest Catch Season 8 final episode titled “The Bitter, Bloody End.” Sig joked that it was the first wedding that had hecklers.

Jake and Sig had a good time during the ceremony. Looking back, the wedding is sad for Deadliest Catch fans. The two no longer are on good terms. It’s been over a decade since that moment happened. Jake and Jenna celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary this year.

Jake no longer works at Northwestern. He’s the captain of his own ship, the F/V Saga. As a result, his relationship with Sig has been harder than ever. Still, he respects Sig and owes his career to him. Sig was his mentor who helped set him on the right path and into a new career.

What are your thoughts on Sig Hansen officiating Jake Anderson’s wedding? Do you remember that episode? Do you wish Sig and Jake were still on good terms? Sound off below in the comment section.

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