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Danielle Busby Puts On Busty Display In Stunning Jumper

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When TLC star Danielle Busby gets a little time to enjoy herself, she takes it. Recently, the OutDaughtered star posted she was thrilled that the girls were back in school so she could enjoy some peace, quiet, and a little alcohol.

Being the mother of six daughters, including quints, puts a lot on her plate. But she’s not about to let that stop her from being incredibly stylish.

Danielle recently uploaded a photo to her Instagram stories revealing a new jumper she happened to try on from her clothing line. She didn’t ultimately say whether or not she would wear the outfit, but one thing was immediately clear — Danielle looked stunning in it.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Danielle Busby turns heads in her adorable jumpsuit

Summers are fun in the Busby house, but Adam and Danielle always appreciate it when the girls finally go back to school. It gives them a little bit of a break from their parental duties.

Adam and Danielle Busby from TLC

This week, it seemed like Danielle took some time to promote Graeson Bee Boutique and give fans a chance to interact with her. She offered to show guests cute merchandise, including one she modeled for the camera.

“Come see me today at the Shop! I’ll be here!” the TLC personality captioned the photo on her stories. In the image, she’s wearing a tan jumpsuit that really shows off her curves — particularly her bosom. OutDaughtered fans agree that Danielle rocked the jumpsuit and hope she took it home with her.

Danielle Busby from Instagram
Danielle Busby/Instagram

What do you think about Danielle Busby’s jumpsuit look? Add your thoughts and ideas to the comment section and let everyone know what you think.

OutDaughtered fans worry about the family’s financial situation

Although Adam and Danielle Busby always keep the vibes on their social media pages positive, some fans worry they may actually be in trouble. Having a family with eight people in it can get quite expensive. So are the Busbys actually hurting for cash?

Fans that follow the Busbys online couldn’t help but notice they’re doing more paid promotions these days. Adam did an ad for Great Clips and Danielle even promoted other clothing lines in the past. Since she owns her own boutique, this seemed really odd to fans.

However, as Blayke and the quints get older, they’re going to have more expenses. It’s entirely possible that the Busbys are just trying to get ahead of the game and give their girls the best lives that they possibly can. Even if that means doing paid ads.

Can’t get enough of OutDaughtered and the Busby family? Check back for more updates. With six girls at home, there’s always something new and exciting to share from the Busbys. Stay tuned for more stories!

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