‘OutDaughtered’: Wait, Adam & Danielle Busby Hurting For Cash?

Danielle Busby/Adam Busby/Instagram

OutDaughtered fans are wondering if Adam and Danielle Busby might be hurting for cash as they’ve made a habit of shoving paid promotions down fans’ throats on Instagram lately. It was four days ago that Adam Busby uploaded a paid promotion for Great Clips. As TvShowsAce previously reported, a lot of OutDaughtered fans took massive issue with this promotion and don’t think the family should have even accepted being a part of it.

Two days ago, Danielle Busby also shared a paid promotion on her Instagram profile. This promotion was for a clothing brand called Happy Nation. OutDaughtered fans thought this promotion was equally out of place for the couple because Danielle owns her own clothing boutique. So, fans wondered why she would be promoting other clothing brands.

Some fans were really only able to draw one conclusion about these promotions. Perhaps Danielle and Adam Busby were hurting for cash? A need for money would certainly explain taking on promotions that were not a good fit.

Outdaughtered - Adam Busby - Quints - Instagram
Outdaughtered – Adam Busby – Quints – Instagram

This isn’t the first time they’ve taken questionable promotions

Danielle Busby is no stranger to being accused of taking questionable promotions. A while back, Danielle posted a lot of promotions of LOL Doll products. OutDaughtered fans were outraged as the toys were extremely controversial and they didn’t believe the toys even fell in line with the couple’s very religious beliefs.

Likewise, Danielle Busby also pushed a frozen TV dinner brand while they were renovating the house. OutDaughtered fans were never happy about this promotion. In fact, fans doubted Danielle even ate the frozen dinners she was pushing because she was too much of a health fanatic to dig into a TV dinner. Likewise, eating a TV dinner as a meal when she also had six daughters and a husband to feed didn’t really make sense to fans.

Adam and Danielle Busby, YouTube
OutDaughtered – Instagram

Could Adam and Danielle Busby need cash?

The OutDaughtered stars recently opened a physical store front for their clothing boutique. The boutique has caught a lot of heat for high prices, not having very many plus sizes, and not shipping outside of the U.S. to foreign fans. Some fans questioned if Adam and Danielle bit off more than they could chew with the storefront and perhaps they were hurting for cash.

Continuing to push pause on the OutDaughtered series, also meant Adam and Danielle were not getting a paycheck from TLC. Furthermore, this meant TLC was not paying for any of their family adventures or vacations. So, it isn’t unfounded for some fans to think the couple took on these paid promotions to make some quick and easy cash. Likewise, OutDaughtered fans assume the promotional deals must’ve been pretty sweet to get Adam and Danielle to come onboard.

Adam Busby - Instagram
Adam Busby – Instagram

Did Danielle and Adam Busby take these promotions because they needed easy money? Let us know in the comments down below.


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