Danielle Busby Enlightens With Big Family Back-To-School Tips

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OutDaughtered fans can only imagine what school mornings look like in Adam and Danielle Busby’s house. How does this couple manage to get six girls ready for school in the morning? With Blayke and the quints now back in school for a new year, Danielle took to her Instagram Stories with some tips. Tips on how to navigate back-to-school when you have a large family.

Blayke Busby went back to school first

As Danielle and Adam revealed on their Instagram profiles, Blayke Busby started school a day before her younger sisters. Fans agree this worked out well as it allowed the couple a little time to adjust to being back in the school season. The following day, however, the quints also returned to school.

Understandably, the morning gets a lot more chaotic with Blayke and her five little sisters all getting ready for school. The question is: How does Adam and Danielle Busby make things work?

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Danielle Busby enlightens fans with tips

The OutDaughtered mother shared what she referred to as a “mom tip” for parents with big families. She proceeded to explain that having to feed six girls breakfast and pack six lunches every morning is a lot of work. Fortunately, she’s found some tips and tricks to streamline the process.

Danielle Busby revealed the big secret to making school mornings work with so many children is “prepping.” Turns out prepping is the key to how she makes things work. Moreover, she also admits that it helps to recognize that doing everything on her own is impossible. Danielle admits there’s no shame in finding ways to get the children to help with the school morning process.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Danielle Busby explains she pre-packs various snack bags for school lunches. She writes the first letter of her girls’ names on the bags. In the morning, the girls grab the bags with their letters on them and place the bags in their lunch boxes. According to Danielle, she does this with any item going in the girls’ lunches.

The OutDaughtered mother has also previously jumped on her Instagram Stories to show her going around to the quints’ closets and getting outfits ready for the next day of school the night before.

As OutDaughtered fans know, Danielle Busby isn’t alone in getting these girls ready for school either. She has her very helpful and supportive husband who is always there to lend an extra pair of hands.

Do you find Danielle Busby’s advice to be helpful? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on the Busby family.

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