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Fans Praise Danielle Busby’s Daytime Drinking & Chillin

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Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered kicked back and enjoyed the quints’ first day back to school with a cozy robe, a few good friends, a couple of bottles of wine, and a platter of snacks. The TLC personality shared a photo of herself and her close friends kicking back on the couch as they enjoyed being kid-free together. There was a letter board on the table in front of them that read, “Woo Hoo! Kids are back in school.”

All three gorgeous mamas had a glass of wine tucked in their hands with huge smiles on their faces as they rocked some seriously cozy-looking robes.

Danielle Busby kicks back and enjoys herself

The OutDaughtered mother admitted there was no shame in her game as she kicked back and enjoyed all six of her children being in school. She penned in the caption of her photo, “I totally enjoyed myself today with my amazing Mama Friends!”

Outdaughtered- Adam Busby - Danielle Busby - Instagram
Busby – Instagram

Being the mother of six growing girls, her two million Instagram followers couldn’t blame her for wanting to seize an opportunity to kick back and enjoy being without children for a moment.

OutDaughtered fans react to the chill session

Many OutDaughtered fans admit in the comments of Danielle’s post they were a bit surprised school started so soon. Most fans seem to agree school used to start back up toward the very end of August. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the comments of the post:

  • “So great that you took time off to hang out with your friends!”
  • “Bravo Danielle, you deserve to treat yourself , from all the posts you look like have been one busy mom.”

Danielle Busby also had many bummed fans (especially those that lived in the U.K.) as their children did not start school for another two to four weeks. Then, there were also many fans who said the children going to school didn’t really change anything for them as they still had to work.

Danielle Busby - Instagram
Danielle Busby – Instagram

Fortunately, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of negativity in Danielle Busby’s post about kicking back and enjoying being free of her children for a while. In fact, she hoped other mothers would share how they enjoyed their days.

What do you think of Danielle Busby’s Instagram post? Let us know in the comments. And, come back for more OutDaughtered news.

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