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Internet Trolls Trash Janelle Brown’s Cooking Abilities

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This week, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown was proud of herself for making a healthy homemade meal from scratch. She posted a photo of the meal she whipped up last minute and told her followers how hard she was trying to eat her veggies. Sometimes, her schedule is just too busy to prepare a home-cooked meal. But Janelle felt glad that she made something healthy and avoided takeout.

While many of Janelle’s followers praised her for cooking at home at the time, others have trashed the TLC personality online for her cooking.

Internet trolls come for Janelle Brown’s healthy creation

The post in question went up on Janelle Brown’s Instagram page earlier this week. Sister Wives Season 17 premieres in just about a month, so the Brown family has been doing a lot from filming to show promotion. So as Janelle put it, it really is impressive that she managed to cook instead of opting for takeout.

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Sister Wives/TLC

“Long day. So tired. But bag of frozen riced cauliflower and a bag peas, some toasted sesame oil, some left over chicken and coconut aminos (soy sauce has walked away apparently) = a humble dinner,” the TLC personality captioned her post. “Saved me from take out. Having pre-prepared or frozen veggies on hand is a life saver. Some days it is what makes it possible to get vegetables in at all.”

Janelle Brown from Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Most people lifted up Janelle on her Instagram page and praised her cooking abilities. However, The Sun reports that other online users have taken a different approach.

The publication writes that someone online asked, “Does anyone think that the food Janelle posted yesterday looks nasty?” A few other users chimed in that they agreed. However, their opinions seem to boil down to personal preference rather than anything Janelle actually did wrong.

“Doesn’t look amazing… I think the peas are overcooked and because it’s just dark green and beige, it’s not the most appetizing dish I’ve seen,” someone else replied.

What do you think? Did Janelle Brown whip up a tasty dinner or does it just look unappetizing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Do Plexus products actually help with the weight loss goals?

Since Sister Wives started, Janelle Brown admitted she struggled with her weight throughout her life. Over the past 16 seasons, fans have watched her make a strong effort to exercise and eat healthier meals. She and her former sister wife Christine now sell Plexus products, which they claim helps them keep the weight off.

Janelle Brown - Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

Most fans don’t necessarily buy into the Plexus claims, especially since it’s an MLM. However, Janelle and Christine adamantly declare that the products really work.

When Sister Wives returns for Season 17 on September 11, fans can decide for themselves. Keep checking back for information on the latest episodes.

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